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Anyone just lower the rear? Opinions?

Has anyone just replaced the rear springs? Was handling changed and was an adjustable panhard needed for a 1" drop?


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dale5150 said:
Has anyone just replaced the rear springs? Was handling changed and was an adjustable panhard needed for a 1" drop?
first question I dont know. but I dropped mine with the Ford Racing T springs and the rear drop was 35mm(slightly over an inch) and it required moving the rear over a 1/4". you could always give it a shot with out the adjustable bar. use a plumb bob and measure the two sides and see how far it is off.

ps its already slightly off from the factory lol


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qyhu9uja.jpg Yes, I installed just the rears on my car. I went with Steeda Performance Springs.
It now sits level, which is exactly what I was looking for.
The car did shift over and would require a Panhard bar.
I installed Steeda Boss springs on the rear only. (1 inch drop) The axle shifted slightly, but not enough make an adjustable panhard bar mandatory IMO. These cars come from the factory with the axle offset by almost a 1/4 inch and now mine is about 3/8 inch. Yes it could be centered with an adjustable par, but its not required. Handling at the track was about the same as stock or just a tick more loose.

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cosm3os said:
Wouldn't be the best thing for handling--stiffer springs and weight shift rearward would increase understeer, no?

A lot of aftermarket springs are available that are close to the stock rear rates. I don't see the harm regarding spring rate.

Main issue like others note is the need for the panhard bar. I would also suggest adding rear LCA relocation brackets if you do it.

Temporarily did the same thing on the GT by just putting in the P rears. It did change the rear roll center enough that there should have been a reduction in understeer. Brake dive was reduced even with the stock fronts. I didn't drive the car very long that way though. Wish I tried it that way with LCA brackets just to see.


Mustang owner since 84
I don't track my car, but when the time comes I'll install the fronts. For right now was looking for a level stance and less brake dive.
What's amazing is that my 60fts at the Drag strip are really good with this setup. 1.82 with stock Pirellis

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