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Anyone notice computer readout differences with Trackey?

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Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
I'm talking about the computer LCD readouts being incorrect and the speedo also being off. It seems when I use trackey, my speedo reads about 5-10 mph faster (makes me think the tire calibration was done incorrectly) than if I use the black key. Additionally, my fuel gauge reads 3/4 full and the computer thinks I still have 280 miles until empty when I'm averaging 17.0 mpg, which I also know is way off since I got track key yesterday and I filled up before the install and have been cruising at 4000+ rpms just to play with the car. Did anyone else notice these little things? I'm probably going to take the car back in to get them to take a look and change the oil just to make sure, but I also wanted to know if mine was the only one and if it might just be the 'new' ecu getting to 'know' me and trackey.
Looks like they didn't set the tire size correctly. I only get 17 mpg if I try really hard not to have fun.
I did notice as soon as my car had the TracKey installed and I started it that my avg MPG reading dropped to 12.3. The more I drove the higher it got until it reached a reasonable number.

Speedometer is spot on to what my GPS says it is..

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