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S550 Bluey Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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This is the Build Thread for Bluey.

The reason i'm here is because I want to get into road course stuff. The car is stock (performance pack 6spd) and im pretty impressed with what ford has done with it.
It sounds perfect to me, looks dope, has plenty of power, and is shockingly good when it comes to handling. I don't really want to change anything except for...

1. avoiding wheel hop is nearly impossible on launch
2. it gets a little "floaty" when driving spirited on roads with sudden elevation changes
3. has no full sized spare

my aim is to correct these things over time while keeping the nice Grand Touring thing intact.

I'm in houston so I wanna visit msr for some events.

I also wanna make more content for my goofy little channel.
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Bill Pemberton

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Great looking GT, but you have to tell us more, like what wheels are on the car, tires, any mods , or what are you considering doing --- enquiring minds want to know , ha!

Love the blue, but then I have a car in my garage ( another manufacturer ) almost the same color.
oh i didn't know what would create a thread! ha. she's bone flippin stock aside form deleting the stupid carbon trap (secondary air filter) that comes with all the 2022+ moostangs.
This is a custom order Performance Package 6spd base model 301A GT with the factory forged wheels.

so i deleted all this crap

you may be wondering what that gray filter looking thing is well here ya go..


made this hole a little bigger


rock chip protection borrowed from the GT350 sorta




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Actually, just put the entire Ford Racing track suspension kit on it. Totally transforms the car for road course work and it is not horrible on the road.
I have no idea about wheel hop, have never experienced it. In road course use standing starts are virtually non-existent in my experience.
I couldn't take the wheel hop so i had to do something about it. also threw in some steeda alignment dowels to make sure the cradle stays put.



the difference was immediately noticeable even when casually driving. the rear feels like it should now.; actually connected to the car by more than a rubber band.

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