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Boss on Top Gear

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This is a segment from their new movie, "Top Gear At The Movies". They pit the LS against the newest Australian vauxhall. This is not their full review, that will come later this year in the regular season. Enjoy!!
ArizonaGT said:
Very excited to see The Stig flog this around the track...
I can't wait to see the Boss lap time.
This whole review is a JOKE. The Vauxhall does 0-60 in 4.9 sec., the Boss does it in 4.0. Having less HP and weighing more than the Boss there is no way that car wins any performance test against the Boss.

I know lot's of guys watch Top Gear but I don't waste my time with that show. You never know what's legit and what's done just to stir up controversy.
Agreed 100%. Top Gear is a British car show, and many Vauxhalls but not Boss 302s are sold in the UK market. Also the Hamster was driving a left hand drive Laguna Seca (not his natural way to drive) while The Stig had a right hand drive Vauxhall VXR8, not to mention the driving skill difference between The Stig, and just about any other driver ever featured on TG. The course, an abandoned WWII airfield, is way too Mickey Mouse for either car, but this fact is never even mentioned in the show. EOR.
umsneeze said:
Wish I had Top Gear's budget for tires....

With the exhange rate the way it is them burning up Corzas is probably like us burning up Conti DW's. ;) He was acting like the price of the car was a steal too.

The intro made me miss my Bullitt. I'm going to have to find another 2008 Bullitt when I have the coin.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
Yeah, disappointed with the 'outcome' but we all know a big 4 door car like the Vauxhall would not stand a chance on a track nor in a car chase with the Boss, especially the LS. Because Hammond basically said the Vauxhall can get in front of an M3 and stay there..... I don't think that's happening either.


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
5 DOT 0 said:
ufnavy06 said:
Yeah, disappointed with the 'outcome' but we all know a big 4 door car like the Vauxhall would not stand a chance on a track nor in a car chase with the Boss, especially the LS.
I think you're giving the LS too much credit over a Boss. ;)

Didn't you know, only the LS has the trackey. :D
I've owned an older version of the vauxhal. 08 Pontiac G8 and it was fast. Not as fast as the new one or the Boss, but it handled like a pig compared to the Boss. You know they like to twist the cameras view to make their point. It's all entertainment!
This is bunch of bull. 1st of all, I don't like the comparison. They compare it to a car that's a big 4dr pig and say that its faster than the Boss. They put down the Boss by not saying it directly. Where's your damn beloved M3! Compare it to that! And, then let's see if its still got "lots of room for improvement". What a disgrace! Disliked the video.
Brits in general....(and I have heard them say it on the show) say that american cars are junk. So there is a bias to begin with...... secondly they have an overly high opinion on what is made in the UK.....even tho in the earlier years what they made was junk and needed constant tuning and maintenance to keep running (think Triumphs, MG, Jaguars Etc.Etc.)....... at a time when the US was punching out reliable cars that kept running and running.....Basically they are Auto snobs and couldn't imagine giving a positive review for anything American except maybe the Vette.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Yes, the video is trash. Period. The good news is that Top Gear made themselves look ridiculous, not anyone here in the US that puchased a Boss! ;D The steroytype is that the Brits can be snobbish, our sterotype is that we always thing we are better than anyone else, bar none. I don't think Top Gear 'repreents' the UK's overall pro-racing mentality or capabilities at all - they are the people that brought us the MP12-4C from McLaren, one hell of a street/track car. The british media, on the other hand, is an absolute joke and probably should never be taken seriously. Case in point from the MP12-4C Wiki with reference to Top Gear:

"On 10 July 2011, on the BBC programme Top Gear, the MP4-12C set the second fastest lap around the Top Gear Track, posting a time of 1:16.2.[14] The car was developed and tested by McLaren on the Top Gear test track as part of their product development, long before its appearance on the show. This was 1.1 seconds slower than the Ariel Atom 500, and 2.9 seconds faster than its key performance rival, the Ferrari 458 Italia.[15]

The MP4-12C finished second behind the Ferrari 458 Italia in Car Magazine's July 2011 group test. It was also beaten into third by the Porsche 911 GT2 RS in the lap times set at Rockingham Speedway by racing driver Ben Collins.[16] At an EVO magazine test it was over a second slower than the Ferrari around the Bedford Autodrome West track,[17] it was also slower in Fifth Gear and Car Magazine."

So, if we ever were so fortunate to see one of those 4 door tanks on a track (highly doubtful), just put it in your rear view mirror !
I spent alot of time in the UK, my best friend growing up was from the UK.....they have a mentality thats very pro British when it comes to motorsports,.... almost to the point of cultish......its not a surprise that a car not offered to them in general sales and not British gets stomped.....specially because its brash and very american in appearance. The NASCAR redneck imagine doesnt help us.....hopefully when F1 gets here and the Aussie V8 series the American fan base and image will change.

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