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S197 BOSS302R 015 Build Thread Profile - S197 Mustangs

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BOSS302R 015 delivery to Starworks and prep for 2012 CTSCC at Daytona.


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Ancient Racer
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W2W Racing
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20+ Years
5 miles from Mosport
My neighbour is a good friend of Glenn Chaplin, they both grew up and raced in Montreal area together. Glenn has a fleet of Boss 302 race cars, I believe 5 in total. I saw them a couple of years ago stored at his wheel plant in Montreal in the winter, impressive sight to see 5 pristine Boss race cars in a row.
As I understand it, after the final crash Glenn acquired a complete new 302R tub (for lack of a better term) and transferred all the mechanicals from this car to the new tub. Then the tub of this car was sold as they didn't feel it could be salvaged due to so many crashes.
It looks like this car spent most of its time crashing going by these pictures and its ultimate demise. Kind of sad, but good to see it being revived.
When I tried to find a Ford Racing Boss 302R M-7003-BOSSR1 Transmission from the typical suppliers I came up empty. It has been "obsolete" for a while. As I researched the transmission I was able to determine that this unit is a conglomeration of parts starting with a TR6060 and includes the 2003/04 Cobra Bellhousing, and the Tailshaft Housing from an Australian Falcon. Among other challenges, mounting the TR6060 faceplate to a Cobra Bellhousing causes the transmission to be clocked by a few degrees. There is a special Transmission Crossmember that was designed to accommodate the clocked position of the transmission. Armed with this info I thought about building my own version starting with a GT500 transmission. As my research continued I came across the name of George Kreppein or Rockland Standard Gear. I reached out to George about the project and he told me that he was the guy that built the Boss 302R transmission for Ford Racing and that he still makes the transmission. This transmission is also known as a TUET10790. I dropped my idea of assembling my own and purchased a new unit built by George.


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