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Can anybody with a 2012/13 Laguna Seca edition tell me what brakes are on it?

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Hello. Since I live in Canada, I couldn't purchase the 2012 Laguna Seca so I bought a GT and modded it to look 1/2 LS and 1/2 Shelby. The major mods are all Roush - 625 HP Supercharger, wheel hop reduction kit and axle back exhaust. Next to that, the best mod was adding the BOSS 302s wheels (machined finish instead of the red). I'm upgrading the suspension and I'd like to upgrade the brakes from the standard GT ones (not Brembos). The Roush brakes won't fit the 19" rims so I'm wondering what brakes to install. At a recent Mustang show, somebody said that the Ford Racing SVT kit was different and better than the Brembo brakes that originally come equipped on the GT with the manual tranny. I received some really good feedback from some of you when deciding on tires for the 302s's so I'm hoping someone might have some good info on this.

The Shelby uses the same calipers that re on the Boss but they use a different powder coating. The only different breaks are the 13/14 GT500 breaks which use a 6 piston front caliper and 15" rotors with 14" rotors in the rear.

BTW, you spell your name wrong ;D
Thanks. That clears thinks up a lot. I'm checking out both sets of brakes to determine if the 15" would be better. has that upgrade kit that comes with rear 13.8-inch Brembo vented brake rotors for $1,699.99 . I'm not sure if the extra $500 is worth it however.

Again, thanks
Shawn (spelled with proper English!) ;D

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