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Can You Drive Like Ken Block?

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One of my all-time favorite YouTube videos and only 47+ million views. 8)
One of my all-time favorite YouTube videos and only 47+ million views. 8)


Not in any car offered to the public by FOMOCO...

As if he wasn't rich enough, he gets special treatment..

Not impressed.
Sammykjr1 said:
I thought it was pretty damn cool. That's driving skill. Tanner Foust (sp?) has basically the same car, but all he can win is drifting comps.


Let him try the WRC...oops he already tried and failed..

EDIT - my credentials...WRC Tarmac Evo Forged @ 15 pounds

I test drove a Fiesta ST and the sales guy said, "you're the first person who can actually shift this thing!"

I was basically just going through the motions since the clutch pedal was so light it felt non-existent!


Dances with Racecars
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W2W Racing
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20+ Years
Pleasanton: 1/2 way between Sonoma and Laguna Seca
When I was a kid the Cops called it "Wreckless Driving" plenty of tickets doing similar stunts long before it was "cool".

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