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CCW wheels

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Anyone here thought of running CCWs or are they too "bling?" (In terms of cost, not look I think the CCW classics with the black centers looks awfully old school/90s)
Those Classics are going to be a PITA to clean. I like the C10 a lot and several guys I've met tracking my car drive C6 Z06's and run these wheels. If I was going to order custom track wheels I'd order C10's in 18x9.5 and 18x11.

As far as cost price Forgeline or HRE wheels and then the CCW's will look affordable. ;)



Too Hot for the Boss!
I ran the CCW Classics on my E36 M3 for many years (~ 8 years) in SCCA auto-x, SCCA Time Trials, NASA Time Trials and too-many-to-list lapping days and road trips. I had the anodized black centers. Really no issue keeping them clean as long as I got the brake dust off of them before they got wet. The black does fade with heat (turns kinda purple-ish). Sold them last year for $1400 (that's after 8 years of use!).

Positives: Strong, strong, re-buildable, excellent company that truly stands behind their product (John rocks!)

Negatives: lighter solutions out there now, have been known to leak from the barrel seam meaning a time consuming R&R + fun with RTV. Have had issues with brake cooling on some cars due to the lack of openings for airflow (I never had this issue)

I've been looking at a set for my car to go along with the D-Force wheels (which I also ran on my M3 for many years).

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