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Daily driver or kept in the garage for the weekend

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Sits in the garage waiting for the weekend for cruising around town. longest trip was to vegas. Enjoyed the trip and got a lot of compliments. It has been five months and have 2K on the odometer and absolutely love the car Paranoid about door dings and rock chips. i know the she's supposed to be driven hard. just curious how many miles and does it hurt the engine by not pushing the Rpms.
Our Boss cars are designed to be driven hard and that includes bouncing off the rev limiter at 7,500 RPM's. I say drive it as often as you like and take it to redline as often as possible. You'll love the car even more if you do. ;)
Garage queen. I've had lots of mustangs, and road raced for a few years. Now I am just enjoying the Boss. Keeping it shiny and clean in my garage and cruising around town.


I Drive it as much as possible! Only live once. I'm gonna enjoy it!
Garage queen that gets driven as intended when driven. Except today. I think I scared safety patrol at my daughter's school. Couldn't resist a little blip of the throttle.
I don't drive mine to work, as it would surely get dinged in the parking lot. But I do take it out for an hour or two when I get home, as long as the weather is nice. I've had the car for just about a month & am closing in on 1600 miles on the clock. This is the best car I have ever owned! I hope all the BOSSes have a garage to get tucked into at night.


2012 #552
got to make it last a long time, as I plan on keeping this car. garage queen and surrounded with Mustang memorabilia, but when it's out of the garage let the pony's run hard.
Weekend warrior. I drive her very chance I can and moderately hard on the street. And as hard as my skills let me on the track


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Primarily a track car, after this weekend she'll probably be in the garage most of the time till spring. WIll take it out on weekends a bit when not on the track in the non-snow months. Drive it hard and maintain it hard.

If you're worried about paint chips get a full kit ClearBra.
Daily driver for the summer months, put 7k on it in 7 months of ownership. Getting ready to put the Boss away until springtime, as we get snow in my area and the state uses salt to keep the roads clear.
Daily driver and track "thees car ees monster" ;) I've had it since mid-March and have 5,833 miles (1773 on track) but it splits time with the GT500 on the street. Might log another couple hundred before it likely goes under cover this weekend until March 2012 :'(
It's my Daily for right now. Come Feb 2012 she'll be stored for a year while I'm in South Korea, and then shipped to Germany, where she'll be a weekend cruiser, as I'll have a cheap beater for the weekdays/winter.
Daily driver - if the weather is nice. Hasn't seen rain yet. About 4100K on it now since May 27th. Likely will get some driving time still until the end of the month unless snow falls and stays put. Then in Garage until March as well - F-150 will be pressed into daily service until then...
Randy said:
does it hurt the engine by not pushing the Rpms.
I would say yes - not good for any performance engine to never run it hard.

Mine is not a daily driver, used for cruising, car shows etc. Have not had it on a track (but after the MMP BTA experience I want to take it next year). That being said I bounce off the rev limiter whenever I drive it (when safe), love that 3500-7500 pull - although I prefer to shift just before it hits the limiter. Have had it to 160 in 5th (by the speedo and not hitting the rev limiter yet) have yet to put it in 6th and see what limits it (speed limiter or the wall of wind it's pushing). Go for it, these were made for the track, so whatever we do on the street won't hurt it.
#369 is a high speed cruiser. At 6 months, 6000 miles. mostly on two FL to New England return trips via mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. This car is amazing on roads like that! TracKey next week then she will will rest up 'till the spring. Love this car.
Im driving mine until they salt and sand the roads in Ma.
I did put in my hours cleaning anticipating putting it away for the season .I did put my Ford Gt to sleep for the winter.Always a sad moment!When everything is put to bed for the winter I go thru a minor depression!
roketman said:
Always a sad moment!When everything is put to bed for the winter I go thru a minor depression!
I know the feeling buddy....... :'( Maybe a set of snow tires for the Boss? ::) If they didn't salt the roads so bad here I'd consider it. Unfortunately the stuff they put down eats away the concrete, let alone the cars.

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