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Drag Radial Choices?

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I just bought a spare set of stock wheels and am looking for imput on which drag radial to run. Is the M/T the only choice for a 19" tire?
I have the 19" M/T Drag Radials. I have them on spare wheels. They are great for going straight but they are terrible for cornering. I'm happy with them as a spare set of wheels and tires. I would not use them as my only tires. My best 60 ft time with them has been a 1.90. I'm hoping for consisent 1.8's.
roadhouse said:
Seca- What is your best time? I just ordered a set of hoosier DRs and I'm looking to drop down into the mid-high 11s this year.

My best has been 12:24@115. The same night I made that pass, there was another bone stock boss with the exception ot 17" M/T DR's that went 11:97@115. Looking at the mods in your sig, you should dip into the 11's. IMO the only thing holding you back may be the Pro springs. It's tougher to hook up with stiff springs.
Tulsa, OK
Very nice! I've only been to the track once and ran a 12.2 @116. Yeah the springs are probably holding me back. I've modified the car primarily for the twisties and I'll take what I can get on the strip :)

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