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Engine cleaning & care

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You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the padding on the underside of the hood.
My "trick" is to clean with Simple Green and rinse (as above)...then I take a can of the tire spray foam and cover everything under the hood, firewall to radiator / fender to fender.

Close the hood and a couple days later (after driving) wipe the heavy / pooled excess away.

No need to clean with Simple Green until it is necessary. Just a rinse will work for quite a while.
I've thought about this too. The deposits on the engine block and heads. I know it rubs right off but I was wondering what I could put on it to keep it from coming back or expanding. Not sure if silicon spray would help or not but I also don't want the smell blowing in through the vents.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
what I use if its real dirty is the simple green and hose. then dry it off with compressed air and towels or my new air blaster from adams it works great. then I go back over with adams in and out spray and there Super VRT. keeps it looking better than new.
Like Justin, I use a dedicated motor coat to keep it looking better than new. First have to clean the engine real well, but once ready I hit it with Sonus Trim & Motor Kote. Keeps the engine cleaner far longer than washing alone in my experience.

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