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First time clay bar use

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Claybarred the Boss this morning. First time I ever did the clay bar thing. I got the Mothers kit.

I kind of cheated in that I only clay barred the hood, nose, roof, and rear decklid and spoiler. I wasn't going to spend all day out there so figured I'd focus on what collects the most crap.

I was really surprised at how much crap it pulled out of the paint.

Finished up with Duragloss PBA and Total Performance Polish. I'll probably wash it and put a coat of Collinite 845 on this weekend.

Pics suck because cameraphone and sun directly overhead.



fduboss302 said:
Looks awesome. Is the hood stripe painted or is it a stripe on the 2012s? If so did you clay the hood stripe?

It's a stripe. I claybarred it and it came out fine. However you need to be careful around the edges where it meets the paint. Make sure you move the bar in one direction only - from the decal to the paint. If you go the other way, you'll get clay embedded in the edge of the decal.
Here's what I did:
Washed with foam blaster with citrus + gloss booster soap, fine clay bar, 1 coat deep reflections wax/glaze <---everything from
Then 1 coat Kiasse sealer
All done by hand. I did the clay bar perpendicular to the edge of the decal. This way it can't hit the edge and keeps it flat.
The wing is the same one the 302R uses. It's the steeda street wing. You can find it on their website

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