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Floor mats?

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The Ford Boss 302 floor mats available from several different sources show front and rear mats. However, the accessory package I received only had fronts. Did I get shorted or do I really have to buy separate rear mats?
I daily drive mine. Got a 7 year old and don't wanna mess up the carpet. I LOVE my car but no rear mats is about the cheapest thing I've seen. C'mon Ford, REALLY?
Yeah I was a bit surprised by this too. My kids ride in the back all the time in fact they rather enjoy it. ;D If anyone has a set of rear mats they don't want I'd be happy to pay shipping to clear them out of your garage. ;)


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if all you want is rear floor mats here is a plain set of llyod mats that come with rear mats. free shipping :)
or if you want the ones like I have
I'm looking for floor mats as well.

I currently have universal-fit all-season mats in the front, and they move around alot.

I'm debating if I should get Lloyd carpet mats or Husky liners; trying to find out if the Husky liners get slippery when wet, anyone own them?
Justin said:
if all you want is rear floor mats here is a plain set of llyod mats that come with rear mats. free shipping :)

I have these. They are nice and beefy. I went with plain mats for my DD since logo mats are more expensive and the only one I ever wear out is the driver mat, so I would rather replace the plain set for less.

They make a good set for every day use so you can kill these instead of your nice Boss 302 mats which you can keep just for shows.


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I use rear from a previous 2010 Mustang I had, and the front I use WeatherTech, love the way they fit and NEVER move...I know for a fact my carpets will be like new years from now with these.
+1 WeatherTech

My passenger side one gapes from being rolled up in the box, they told me to hit it with a hair dryer but being a man I don't own one ::) I may just put it on the floor under the motor after a drive, that should be plenty of heat.
I got these as they are Factory Matching Floor Mats for the 2013:

I have them in place of my "Stock ones" that came with the car, I put those in the bag these new ones came in and I am saving them...

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