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Fumoto valve?

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Hey all,

I stumbled across this Fumoto "quick drain" valve that replaces your oil drain bolt for quicky, unmessy oil changes. With the LS tranny air scoop protecting it (particularly the "nipple" version), I think it'd be pretty legit. What do you all think?

Here's a video demonstrating its use:

*Edit: Okay I just saw Fat Boss' thread on the Fumoto but nobody chimed in on whether they really liked it or not. My question now is if there'll be enough clearance for the nipple (or non nipple) version with the LS tranny air scoop since I know it runs pretty close to the oil pan.

Additionally I'm confused about this step

"Hook up vacuum to the crank case, remove oil pan plug, install Fumoto." Not sure how he installed the Fumoto without the drain bolt spilling a bunch of fluid out... He clearly made some kind of vacuum, just no idea how?

- Frank


Too Hot for the Boss!
I have one on my jeep grand Cherokee diesel as well as the boss. Longest part of the entire oil change procedure is getting them up on jackstands. Other than that, super easy and no mess. Makes it easy to get samples for Blackstone as well. Bought 5' of hose at Home Depot.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
How much does it cost for lab analysis? Do they do all fluids, including trans & rear diff as well?
The vacuum I hooked up is a sweet invention commonly known as a "shop-vac." :D

Pull the oil fill cap, put vacuum hose over the fill tube, turn it on, and pull the plug. The oil will not fall out of the pan, nor will it suck up into the shop vac. It'll just bubble. Don't do it in a dirty area or you might accidentally suck up some dust. A driveway is fine.


Too Hot for the Boss!
ace72ace said:
How much does it cost for lab analysis? Do they do all fluids, including trans & rear diff as well?

For full oil analysis it is $25 which includes testing for remaining additives (which lets you know how much longer, or how much too long you used your oil).

They also do differential and transmission analysis. I've been really impressed with their service, and all the guys on 'Bob is the Oil Guy' recommend them as well.

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