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Grand Am /Rolex pics from Indy

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bout 300 of them.
See if you can guess who the red head in the hat is...

That's Reba!

Is that you with the Boss Track Attack shirt? If so I met your wife in the Roush pits and helped out with your cover. :)
YES IT IS, Thanks so much for your help. We stood back and out of everyone's way, so as to not bother anyone.
Thanks for your help!!!
So how long have you worked with them?
They all were great, very friendly and willing to take pics and sign stuff.
I think I may try to put some clear coat on it to protect them. Still need to get Parnelli's though.
I've worked with them for the last 3 seasons.

Good group of racers.......

You need to have your wife not wear a Chevy Performance shirt in a Ford pits, especially if you are looking for an autograph!! ??? :p
mwilson7 said:
You need to have your wife not wear a Chevy Performance shirt in a Ford pits, especially if you are looking for an autograph!! ??? :p
We're going to start calling you Fordman0001. ;)

Great photos, thanks for sharing.
HAHA thats great.
My wife knew we'd be hitting the Ford Trailers, I dared here to wear it and she did!!! She is actually a Dodge girl (Drives a charger,which is a little better) She is great though, She encourages me to spend on my Boss and My 70 Mach 1.
I missed getting Billy Johnson and Joey's autograph, maybe next time.....
As far as the numbers after my name, I came up with it back in 1998. At the Time I had a 98GT and a 70 Mach hence 9870 and just have used it and Fordman for years.
As a matter of fact I have the IL plates FORDMAN for the Boss and FORDMAN for the Mach (antique vehicle).
Good luck this next race. Hopefully they will take off some more of the restrictions so we can see All the Boss back out front.

MARK do you know who the 2 guys are in picture 5190 and 5191? they were hanging with the BIG MACHINE guys and people were snapping pics of them.

Thanks again for your help and I am sure I will run into you again at the track!!

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