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How many compliments today

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I get a thumbs up or a wave while driving everyday. Somebody is always making a positive comment when i'm parked. I was stopped at a gas station and one guy was sneaking a picture on his cell phone. I've had the BOSS since June 2011 and the driving experience is like the first day I drove home.
On the what to work yesterday, some kids walking to school started chasing me trying to take a picture. I hit a red light and the kid darted traffic to run across the street so he could get his picture from the median. lol crazy kids.
Best expression I've got happened 2 weeks ago. While driving home from the gym, a ~6 yr old kid was on his bike, riding the opposite direction. He had sun glasses on, when he saw the boss, he stopped and moved his glasses down and gave this priceless stare lol. I gave him a rev lol.
Bay Area
I get complimenst all the time from young to old. I even had a group of skaterboards stop riding near my car becasue they repected it. Ive also had old ladies pose in from of it while im parked. Had a lady yell out her window last night that I had a beautiful car.
The best compliment I got was from the wife when she told me to take it back the day I bought it because she knew what was to come. The worst compliment I got was from a guy that told me it was an awesome car and then asked if it was a new Camaro. Of course he new nothing about American cars or Mustang history.

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Best compliment I have gotten so far is a guy yelling for everyone to hear in an O"Reilly's Autoparts Store, " Oh my God, there is a new Boss 302 outside in the parking lot!" The guy yelling was the Store Manager!
It's them stripes, I tell ya!! I remember driving my Orange Boss 302 to high school in the early 70's and it got plenty of attention back then, sometimes more than enough when the law was involved...

I never get noticed in my stripe delete Shelby. Which blending in is okay too.

We had a guy visiting our facility from Austria. Get this, he has a Masters degree in Racing Engine Design! Anyway we went to visit a massive sheetmetal fabrication shop so he rode along with me. He was saying things like, "the torque is phenomenal, it just never ends!" and "the suspension is amazing." He then described how he would get "that weird kinda sick feeling" in his gut when I hammered down in 2nd! I just calmly told him, "it's just a Ford."
The other day I was parking and this tall young lady came up to me and said quote, "Can I so check out your car?". I obliged and smiled..
The best complement I have received *by far* was at the SCCA race at Barber Motorsports Park on Saturday 9/1/2012. I was a spectator at the event and had driven my car in the paddock and around the track to various vantage points. During a quiet break between races the following announcement was made over the track PA system:

“To the owner of the yellow BOSS 302 …. Sean says to give you a big thumbs up … that car ‘rocks it’.”

Needless to say, that really made my day !!!!!

There are speakers in the paddock and all around the track and the PA is very loud at Barber. When the announcement began I thought he was going to tell me to move the car as I had been asked to move from that spot at a previous event when some construction was in progress.

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