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How to remove the clutch assist spring the easy way

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I made a video of how to remove the spring using a pair of needle nose vice grips. it is by far the easiest way to remove this spring or reinstall it. I have seen on youtube that it seems ford decided to put this spring in the 2013-2014 GT500's and they in turn are having the same problems as we are with the pedal sticking to the floor.

Tulsa, OK
Jimmy Pribble said:
In the "hard" method, the screwdriver is just to help remove a little retaining clip. Everything else is done by hand.

Gotcha, that makes sense to me now. I tried a long time ago and just used some pictures and write-up.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Took me about half an hour to get it out from the GT. Clamping two adjacent coils did not work at first. It didn't feel like it was enough to make sure I wouldn't injure a finger if the vise grips let go. I tried rotating the spring a bit and that seemed to help which coils I could grab, but using two coils still didn't work for me. Opened the jaws up a little and grabbed three coils (two full spring turns) and it nearly popped right out. Grabbing three might be a little dangerous for a slip, but it came out with almost no pulling effort.

Hope that helps somebody.

My reaction to the feel is like what Jimmy wrote, but I've been driving the GT for almost three years. It's certainly not as stiff as my Terminator was and I don't like how the pedal feels floppy at the top of travel. I do like how it engages much more consistently. I'm going to drive with it out for a while to give it a fair shake.

Thanks again to Justin for the motivation to try this. 8)


Brian, Downingtown, PA
2012 Boss 302
Perf. White

Watched the videos, got in and under and then went dumb...... lol

Took me longer than expected though the video showing you to lift the clutch pedal back towards the seat is very explanatory. Did not break any parts and going into the space is not made for someone 250, so I have a crazy bruise on my side when I had to wedge in against the seat guide and door jamb. Please remember the pin that sits in the perch is not smooth all around so you may want to have a few screwdrivers handy on your floor mat just in case you need to twist it if trying the original posters way.

I also lost the tension clip twice (retainer) Part number AR3Z-7A581-A. I bought 3 more after the first one was lost, I know myself. Even my trusty telescopic magnet could not net the first two victims (clips)

See diagram (#2 circled) In case you loose one too.

I honestly like the feel without the spring, very linear throughout the clutch engagement. I would agree with a 30% uptick in stiffness. If you have owned older V-8's with clutches this feels extremely similar minus the complete slop of loose tolerance parts. I don't let my foot stay near the pedal, I shift quickly and put my foot down as soon as I am through the gears. Letting your foot rest is a great recipe for a burned clutch if you are not paying attention in non street application.

First Post, be easy..... LMFAO



Great video. I have not had the stuck pedal situation in my Boss, but my '12 Gt did it frequently. Removed the spring in about 3 minutes. Took longer to get my drop light under there. I like the feel without the assist spring. Reminds me of the pedal pressure in a '13 GT500 I drove. Don't know if the spring was there or not. Thanks for the tip.

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