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If you are ever in the Denver area in summer...

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There are two awesome car events near Denver the first Saturday of the month, May->October: the "Cars and Coffee" at 95th and Arapahoe between Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville and Longmont, and the Golden Super Cruise in Golden. I wish they weren't both the same day, but they are.

Cars and Coffee is like Cars and Coffee in other places. There are some extremely cool cars that show up. Boulder is an affluent town, and a lot of people have ridiculous cars. Yesterday there were about a dozen Ferraris, three Audi R8 V10's, several Aston Martins including a convertible version of the 60's James Bond car, a couple of beautiful Allards(!), a Ford Shogun (look that one up!) just dozens of really cool cars. Not as many American cars as foreign, but the American cars were represented by the likes of a 1969 Corvette 427 Tri-power with 20K miles on it, a '70 Challenger T/A, an awesome '70 AMX 390, a '70 428 Shelby GT500, and a good mix of the usual Corvettes, Trans Ams, Camaros, Mustangs. Oh yes, a couple of Teslas.

Quite frankly, my 2013 Boss 302 and the 2013 Shelby next to me didn't raise an eyebrow.

A couple of fun customs I saw were a Miata with a 6.2L Chevy shoehorned into it, and a Plymouth Gold Duster with a modern 5.8L Hemi.

The Golden Super Cruise is much bigger, and more American car oriented. It is crazy. Thousands of cars turn out, people sit in lawn chairs and watch. Just about every cool American car made in the last 50 years will appear. It is better than any museum. I've seen extremely rare cars show up to these cruise nights over the years, like a '69 Trans Am convertible, Hemi Daytona Chargers and Superbirds, Yenko Camaros, literally every year and variety of Shelby Mustang and Shelby roadster, every variety of Corvette, Buick Grand Sport Stage III, and thousands of customs and street rods. Unfortunately, it is so big now the streets end up being gridlocked. It is too hard on your clutch to cruise for very long, so you have to park. Unless you get there really early, there is no place to park safely, so it is a bit of a cluster at this point.

If you are every in the Denver area the first Saturday of a summer month, either one of these is highly recommended. In between Cars and Coffe and the Golden Cruise, you can hit the Shelby Museum in Boulder and the Fourney Museum in Denver. . If you are into airplanes, the Wings Over the Rockies museum in Denver is very cool.

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