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So I read in the owner's manual each of the keys given to you by the dealership upon purchase have an IKT (Integrated Keyhead Transmitter) tag.

Now unfortantely my tags were thrown away by accident and cannot be found. Is this something I should worry about or get replaced? Could this effect my car getting Trackey when it becomes available?

I hope that they (Ford) can just use my VIN or car information to allow Trackey to be installed or I may just have to see how I can go about getting new tags. Can any Ford dealer assist me in this matter or does it have to be the dealership in which I got the car?
I believe that is to have an extra key cut if you lose them all. It will not be a big deal if you can and program a third key, ALWAYS keep three working keys. If you do not and lose a key you will make an expensive trip to the dealer to pats program a second key.

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