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In Virginia during the Hurricane!!!!

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Got my Boss on the 22nd......was looking forward to this weekend but nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Had to squeeze in a hurricane, Car went back to the dealer so they would babysit for me LOL.......................Oh well............ride out the strom and then some serious cruizing!
Hurricane Irene expected to hit Ct tomorrow morning as a cat 1 hurricane (75 mph winds gusting to 90). Also 8-12 inches of rain expected.....won't have to water the garden this weekend. Good thing my BOSS is still just a gleam in some Ford rep's eye.
I live in Norfolk and decided that the car cover wasn't enough to keep my baby safe. Parked my car in a garage last night and really glad that I did, since I am looking out the window at cars with trees laying on them. That is the pre-storm too. The real punch should be entering the area around 630, at which time I'm sure my power will go out. I took my vehicle to a garage in downtown Norfolk, 3rd floor, corner parking spot, with the car cover on. Smart, right? On the cab ride back home, it hit me that the downtown area is well under sea level so the area will be completely flooded for days. Not so smart! My car is safe (from the storm, not the looters), but I won't be able to use it. :-\


Dealer kept mine for me ...........high and dry, Brought it back home tonight :)
Dealer kept mine for me ...........high and dry, Brought it back home tonight :)
Was that Williamsburg Ford? I was there today and Byron told me they kept a Boss high and dry. Mine stayed in the garage and we were fortunate not to have any tree damage. I have several neighbors that didn't make out as well as we did.
In Ct, Sunday Morning was very windy with heavy Rain but just below hurricane strength. My wife got up and made herself some breakfast and then I made my son a BLT which is a Sunday morning ritual for him. We were all saying it was a tough storm but we made thru OK. A couple minutes later, at 11:12AM the power went out & stayed off for the next four hours. I had to get my generator going to power my sump pump in the basement which was already going off every 5 minutes prior to the power going off. We were very lucky in that power came back on a little after 3 that afternoon. Others in our area are not so fortunate....they might be without power for up 7 to 10 days! Flooding was also a major problem for those by the coast, rivers & streams. Haven't seen anything like this here since Hurricane Gloria in 1985.
I live on the water on Long Island. Moved my Boss to a friends garage far off the water. Good thing. Tide peaked at about 3' above my dock. Had 6" of water in my garage, but thank God, none in my house. Still no power, possibly up to 10 days they're saying.


Yes it was Williamsburg Ford!..........what a great dealeship! Are you the guy who got the Boss just before me from there?
That was me. I bought my truck there back in 2005. Even though the sales staff has changed, I still like doing business with those guys. I get a kick out of Byron driving that 6.4 Hemi while working at a Ford dealer. :D


We got the same car except i didnt get recaro's..........Byron called me the day you got yours so I could drool.LOL......
we got lucky, not an ounce of water in the garage, had set up 61 sand bags all around the garage door! 194 relieved :)

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