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Just for fun...

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Excellent work as usual!
rpm3dinc said:
Thanks guys! I can make the other colors too, but each render set takes 36 hours to complete the 360. That's allot of hours! LOL

How do you make all the camera angels? it looks like you would have to shoot the car in multi camera points
OK, so after some long hours rendering everything and getting everything tweaked, Here are the other 2013 Car Viewers:
Still have some stuff I want to change and fix, but thought I would at least give you all a chance to spin your virtual 2013 BOSS 302's.
(Wont have time to really do the 2012's, especially since there are more color options (that would take FOREVER). Sorry!

Hope you all enjoy!


Grabber Blue

Performance White

School Bus Yellow
Great job Justin...that is very cool!

How are you using this? What are your suggestions for use?
Can it be loaded and used locally rather than needing an internet connection?
I noticed that you put a copyright mark on it, what are the ramifications of this?

And a small nit to pick - the SBY color needs more orange.
To answer some of your questions:
I am not using the "BOSS" 360 spinners, just something I did for fun to show you all.
We use this technology in our other applications for products, NASCAR Paintscheme Designs, etc That is why its Copyrighted (Not the BOSS stuff, the 360 Technology we have developed.

Technically as far as use, I can place it on any website i want (its HTML5), so it can run on a local computer if I make the files available.
As far as the SBY color, I agree, it rendered to bright and by the time I noticed it was almost done already so rather than spend another 36 hours rendering, I just let it go.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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