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Michelin PSS vs oem Pirelli Pzero

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Hi Guys,

The PSS is substantially cheaper than the Pzero, but i've heard and read from reviews that the PSS is better all around performance at 100.00 a tire less.

PSS is listed at:
Speed Rating Y
Load Rating 103
Sidewall BSW
Tread Warranty 30k miles

Pzero is listed at:
Ultra High-Performance
Speed Rating Y
Load Rating 103
Sidewall BSW
No Warranty

So my question i guess is- what the hell difference besides the tread wear/temperature/traction rating as far as performance ? :)

cloud9 said:
That IS the difference and should provide a higher level of grip.

Thanks cloud9 - I just did a google search and some Lambo/bimmer/ferrari BBs came up with folks asking the same question as me and it appears to be a "no contest" that the PSS edges out the Pzero in all categories.
I'm about to pull the trigger and wanted to chime in here 1st.
I just replaced my Pirelli's with Pilot Super Sports. Do a quick search and you'll find lots of reviews on the tires. The Super Sports consistently rate extremely highly.

They are like magic - better grip, better handling, at a better price. Of course it's not magic, but Michelin's racing experience (LeMans) trickling down to street tires.

What really struck me was how much better they handle. Amazingly, what little understeer I did experience (and it was less than on the OEMs) could be corrected by turning in a little more. The car just hunkers down, bites in, and turns. Do that with the Pirellis and the front will completely wash out. I'm still chasing the tire pressures/ and temperatures but even without having that dialed in the tires were 1/2 sec. quicker than the OEMs first day at the track (and I think I can do better still).

As an aside - does anyone know what temperature the Pilot Super Sports run at optimally?


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I recently replaced my OEM tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's and even being an all season tire with a 500 treadwear rating they out perform the P Zero in every way.
I used to use 255 Pzeros (oem) on the track on 19x9 wheels, inflated to 36 psi cold. The tires would get greasy half way through a session.

Last track day I used 275 PSS on 19x9.5 wheels, starting at 34 psi cold. The tires were much more consistent through each session, no greasy.

That doesn't prove that the michelin rubber is better as I have too many variables... but I'm happier now :)
Bad Pony said:
As an aside - does anyone know what temperature the Pilot Super Sports run at optimally?

According to the Michelin folks, 180-200 degrees. I usually top out at 140-150 degrees in a 30 minute session, running 29 PSI cold.

Currently, I have 9300 miles on my PSS including 5 track days. Tread wear is 6/32-6/32-4/32 (outer to inner) on the rears, 6/32-5/32-4/32 on the fronts. Durometer readings are 74-79 (outer to inner). At this mileage/# of track days, the Pirellis were heat cycled out and 3/32-4/32 all the way around.

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