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Motley Fool Article on the New 2015 Mustang

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This is worthless journalism but some of the comments are funny. This loser doesn't even know when Disco was in fashion.

"On September 28, 2013, at 12:51 PM, RenalColic wrote:

This is not evolution it's devolution.

This is a cross between a 1968 Mustang and a 1988 Mustang. It's like mixing rock and roll with disco. Loser."

We've seen this photo before:

Definitely not the greatest article, but I actually agree with it. I have been hoping that the Mustang could ditch it's hardcore 'Murica drag racer status, and become a true sports car. This has already been partially achieved with the 2011-14's, but I think that the introduction of IRS and a smaller car will really propel it to that arena. Now if only they throw in the ZF 8 Speed, and a GOOD 6-7 speed manual. And maybe even put a Dual Clutch in the GT 350.


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Though the Mustang may never achieve the sales numbers of the old heydays, this drastic change may be needed for Ford but one thing is for certain, this new look will only serve to make our Boss 302 that much more valuable in tyme. As the car evolves, it becomes less of what it was and more of something completely different. So just call it something different, right?


Kerry, San Diego
The current Mustang is WAY to large for what is essentially a 2 passenger vehicle to navigate the paved over horse paths they call roads in Europe.

The car had to shrink if it had any chance of selling overseas as a reasonably priced car.

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