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My first race weekend

This is my third race of the weekend, more to follow.

It was soooo much fun!

2012YellowBoss said:
Smitty, excellent stuff thanks for posting. Only problem is you make me want to go racing ::)
OH NO! :eek:

Cool video Smitty that looks like a lot of fun.
2012YellowBoss said:
Looks like everyone was pushing harder in this race. Did you lose the brakes where you went off?

This was an inverted start. All the leaders from the first race start at the back. And because I'm a rookie, I start behind them.

I didn't lose my brakes, I knew I couldn't make the turn so I chose to go off (fairly) straight.

Bill Pemberton

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Fun watching you Smitty and for a Rookie you showed calm, kept your nose clean and worked on race technique instead of trying to show the oldtimers you were fast.

Nice to see when you were alone and able to concentrate on just driving instead of learning about the others around you , you would catch up to the others.

The speed is there, the common sense is there, with seat time I bet you will be up front.

Keep us posted and we will continue to be your cheerleaders ---- now if you are having bad visuals of a bunch of old men with hairy legs in little blue Catholic girl school skirts, we need to rephrase, ha,ha.
Thanks for the kind words.

I'll have more vids from Hallett in early June. Pretty nervous about that place. I've never been there and I hear there's not much room on the track. They are expecting a lot of cars.

If I dent up my pretty new car, it will be beause I could not get these terible visions of hairy legs in cheerleading skirts out of my head.

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