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Newb from Washington

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Hey everyone,

Been lurking around here for months and finally decided to register here and at TMS. Some of these threads are too funny to pass up when you guys get on a roll so I couldn't resist.

I charmed a sales manager a couple hours away to get a Q2 LS last Fall after the allocations were announced. He had a hard time believing a woman would want to start racing. And like most of you, I knew more about the car than anyone at the dealership. All they care about was Roush and the GT500. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Drove down again when the order banks opened so we could get the ball rolling and then the sales manager started with the $12-15K ADM shenanigans. :'( I left disgustipated.

Long story short, in November I found a Q3 allocation for a standard Boss a couple hours north at a dealership who isn't trying to stick it to me too badly. First time I've ever paid over MSRP but it's only a wee bit and frankly, I didn't want to screw around with finding another one. I figured the Pacific NW wouldn't be getting too many of them.

I've been waiting 25 years for Ford to do a Mustang right (for me) and my wish came true. I am completely sick with desire over this beast! It gets worse every time I pop on the forums and see pics and videos but I'm happy to live vicariously right now.

Cheers to all who getting a where's the lounge? ;D
Finally a female type person joins the fray. Welcome...I was wondering when this day would finally come. Also congrats on stepping to the plate and pulling the trigger on a Boss...waiting's no fun, but counting on the final result to be more than worth it as so many here have already indicated.

Sounds like you didn't get taken to the cleaners by the dealer you settled on. Excellent. What color did you order and did you get the Recaro/Torsen option? Sounds like you might have your car by fall!
Welcome aboard newbie from Washington. I feel the same way as you do about this 2012 BOSS..everything seems just right about this car as for as performance & engineering. Ford has seemed to put a lot of thought into making this car special. Can't wait for mine..late summer/early fall.
Welcome to BMO. How about a photo of your '70 fastback?
Thanks Cloud9 and everyone for the warm welcome! I'm shy so that's why it took so long to come out from behind the curtain. I can't be the only female on here.

This site and a few others are providing me with a hardcore reality check on what I'm getting myself into with this car so I'm grateful for the education, especially from you guys who are actually tracking your babies.

As much as I dream of being the next Multimatic star driver, my Boss won't see track time until I take some local driving classes. I'm a complete novice (unless D-derby and back-roads 1/4's count) but just HAVE to do this.
TrackAttack is going to be a lifetime experience and I can't wait!

jimprw- I ordered the CO Boss w/ Torsen and junky cover. It's the closest I can get to Calypso Coral.

2012Boss- I'm a NA girl so that's why the Roush and Shelby's aren't my first choice even though I have the utmost admiration for both camps and their supercharger heaven. Who doesn't? Would I love to have a stage 5 and a Super Snake? Heck yeah, but what I love is that this is Ford's baby and it stands alone.

I don't plan on modding the heck out of the 302 (wouldn't know what I'm doing anyway) and like 302Bob said, everything just seems right from a performance and engineering standpoint. I haven't felt this obsessed about a Ford since the second gen GT in '05.

5 DOT 0- Here's a photobucket link for you. Hope I did it right since I couldn't attach the pic.

A previous owner put on '69 parts and bad paint job so it's more like a Frankenstang but I'll do a frame up resto on it once I learn what I want to do and how to do it. Oh and buy some tools (dam ex-beau). I haven't touched the car apart from maintenance but it's still a thrill everytime I get behind the wheel. Until that new rattle or squeak starts. :)
Welcome LDriver.

I paid 5k over for my LS and don't have a problem with it. It you feel something is worth the price you pay for it. After driving this thing it is worth more than that. The car is incredible. My son drove it and said he has never driven anything like it.

As far as getting on the track, join something like NASA and do their weekend schools. You can go with any car. I have been in classes with Toyota Camrys and 4 door Volvos.
You will love this Boss. It's just different than a Shelby or Roush and there is special meaning to a Boss.
Well, the '70 sure looks nice in the picture. I'd love to have anything from '68 - '70. I could buy a very nice classic for the cost of the '12 Boss, but the newest iteration is a better use for my dollar than a classic - and I can't afford both. You should be able to remedy the shortcomings you list on your '70 over time, and then you'll have the best of both worlds. I'm jealous! 8)


Welcome lady driver I assume that is what the LDriver stands for. You will not be disappointed in this car. It seems you have excellent taste in colors for I chose the CO as well. It is a very unique color which will differ in person vs. any picture you will see. I hear Ford is planning to do Grabber green and blue for 2013.

I traded an DHG 08 Bullitt which I thought was the best bang for the buck until the Boss came along. So far no regrets but I do miss it.
Welcome LDriver......join me and others with our 3Q builds and strained patiences!

Best thing I can say is the site is educational and fun to post on. I had the honor of meeting Cloud9 and his wonderful car on the track..............the car is FOR REAL and worth every day I have to wait for it.
Hi Everyone,

I don't mean to resurrect a months old intro thread but I just saw tonight some very nice welcomes and questions I didn't know to answer. Figured this was the easiest way. And yes before you wonder, I do have a tendency to write novels. Life's fumbles & interceptions (speaking of: am watching ND @ Michigan right now) has kept me from posting but not from lurking a time or two. Ok, every day... ;D That and being on the beach!

Update on my beast: Got my vin on 8/11 with window sticker a week later. It's #5251872 Blend 5830.
I scoured here and TMS trying to find the post on what exactly a blend is but couldn't find it. Oh and does Deysha on TMS give you the rail car # to track if your sales guy can't? Help?

I felt the same excitement all of you felt when yours popped up. Then I got the build week 8/29-9/2 VVR fax from my salesguy.'s really coming, not a dream!

Then the VVR on 9/1 says "In production-Body Shop" when I was fighting over interest rates at the dealership popped up! A Ford GT was in the lot when I arrived so I knew it was fate that I'd get what I wanted.

I thought "Please, please, please wonderful FoMoCo employees, don't be hungover or sleepy or upset cause you got broccoli soup instead of French Dip for lunch and not build my beast perfectly!" I work in a production shop and can attest to the broccoli soup disaster. :eek: I mean that in fun BTW.

VVR as of 9/9? "In Transit- Received Rail Auto Warehousing" Ah yes, the infamous Area 51. ETA still 9/23, it was 9/13. So what? I put a down payment on him last Nov after debating since last 8/13. I can wait an extra 10 days. We finally got summer here in the PacNW. He's built and waiting to come home!

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every post about your cars and individual stories. Even the scary posts of overheating on the track, grinding gears, drilling out grills, JLT mods, limp mode, etc.

I'm sorry for those who have/had issues but I have to ask: If you had to buy the exact car all over again would you do it or wait for 2013? Do you think Ford is really committed to taking care of us as advertised?

Not even gonna bring up beast-mode aka Track-Key. Ok, I did. But I did want a 3rd qtr car for a reason and that was one of them.

And as for MMP, I've contacted them and will be going Aug next year if I can get in. Sounds like those of you who have gone had a first class experience. Can I talk you into going when I go? Lol...

I'd like to take a few days and go to Wendover for SpeedWeek and then TrackAttack (2 day class FR500C if I can swing it). Want to take a friend but will stuff him in the GT, if he's nice. ;D Hopefully those Ford GT forum guys will be at MMP the same time. What a lifetime trip that would be! GT's and Bosses OH MY! Sex on wheels in Utah that's for sure! (Did I say that out loud?)

Oh and I got the Boss book too....very pleased! It has a GT40 in it even, woo!
So that's my update. Now for replies:
BossLS: I'll look into NASA and like you, don't have a problem w/ the little bit of extra I paid for the Boss. It's my dream car (please Ford, don't release a new Ford GT anytime soon)! Thanks for the tip. Am not looking into putting a cage in the car in the near future. I don't even know if NASA runs up here. Seattle-Bremerton area is not exactly a hotbed of motorsports. People up here whine about country fairs, concerts, and D-Derbys in the local fairgrounds.

Jimprw: Thanks for the compliment on the '70. The '69 Bronco in the back was mine but it was too big of a project for me to tackle alone. I had a sweet 302 to drop in it but I'll get another eventually. I drive the 70 year round (weather permitting of course) and it will always be my first love. Will probably bug you guys for advice on what to do with it.

BossMan: Sorry you had to give up the Bullitt but it sounds like you're quite happy. L Driver is actually a play on Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake from Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 flicks. I'm a huge Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez fan plus my name is Lisa and well, I love to drive. Thought I was clever at the time. ;D

Suprmn & Rom, thanks for the greetings! Am jealous you got to meet Cloud9, would that I could download into my brain even a tenth of his track and car knowledge, then maybe I wouldn't be so nervous about taking this to the track when $$ novice skill permits.

Well that's the 20 page update. I'll make an extra effort to not be so shy and post more often. You guys are a good group and I'm glad to have found TMS and BMO.

Hey ND is winning...woo! (Ooohh, I feel rotten tomatoes headed my way)
L Driver said:
L Driver is actually a play on Elle Driver aka California Mountain Snake from Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 flicks. I'm a huge Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez fan plus my name is Lisa and well, I love to drive. Thought I was clever at the time. ;D
I like it!

Good luck with the delivery of your Boss. Most are delayed a couple of weeks but not all. I hope it arrives sooner rather than later.

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