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PBI With New Track Key

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BOSS LS #469
First time to a dry track. Using the track key uncapped exhaust and high temp brake fluid. First session 1.41 laps @ 131mph. 2nd session no lap times just max speed 132.9mph. 3RD time out 1.35@ 131.7mph fastest lap of the day. I really feel that the car is faster with the Advanedtrac off could just be me. I do feel its got a little more pull down low but not really sure as this is the first time on track with no rain or standing water. I hit the rev limiter a few times and set code P0300 cylinder miss firing. The temp still got 220 223 before I let it cool down. Need to get it running cooler it runs really good at 180 to 195. Did tear up the left front tire some what but all right hand turns will do that. I really can't say enough about how this car handles it just fast and fun. Video of one of my 130 something laps enjoy I know I did.
I also had temp issues at Homestead 226 and 230 s I got a new 3 line radiator water wearer etc, and still it runs hot even if a short shifted at 6300 rpm Im frustrated and afraid of engine failure.
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
jas, looks like you're really having fun :) Nice vid.

What was the outside ambient temp? How many laps until the temp hit 220?
Nice vid Jas. I've watched some of your older vids with your GT500.

Running 220-230 is not hot for these cars and they can run up to 250+ before going into limp mode. The key to getting the cars to run cooler is increased airflow to the radiator not a larger radiator with no airflow. ;) Think GT surround and Roush style bar grill.
Vince said:
jas, looks like you're really having fun :) Nice vid.

What was the outside ambient temp? How many laps until the temp hit 220?

It was 55 in the morning but the warmed up when the sun came out. It was about 79 for the high with wind and very low humidity.

It was a great day, we had more then three hours of run time. This was my first time running in cool temps, very enjoyable. Ran the same group with Jas in the afternoon but we never saw each other.
Couple of vids from the run after lunch. This was my first time ever running in open passing, I was nervous but then found to be quite fun not having to wait two laps for a point by (sometimes). These are a few laps in the high 130's. Had a 133, 34 and 35 yesterday. Felt real good about the improvements I am making out there. One of the later sessions Adam (from HOD) came out with me and helped me through some of the turns.

He showed me a better way to go into turn 1, sharper turn in and a bit slower but better setup for turn 2 and the exit onto the straight was much faster. Where have I heard that before, slow in fast out?? Turn 5 is still difficult and even Adam said there is no one spot to brake in the middle of it. In later runs I found tapping the brakes right at the beginning of the tire wall was good for me. I was doing a lot of experimenting coming off the back stretch. I tried the Sebring approach by entering the turn in tight, drifting out a little in the middle and that would set up a straighter line exiting the turn and gaining a much better exit speed out of the S that turns 10 and 11 make.

Oh yea forgot to say Trackey does not improve heal/toe at all, lol. You can hear a few tire chirps when my foot could not find the gas pedal ::)....

Toward the end of the second vid is Lotus that caught fire, he passes me and then spins off the track at turn 6. Next lap the car caught fire.


John here is your Boss from the same car. At the end is the car that burned, it is a real good lesson to come in after you spin.

cloud9 said:
Wow what caused the fire? Hope he was ok.

I was a little involved in this, since he spun right in front of me. I cut that vid short that was posted but as we were pulling away I was trying to get the corner workers attention to point out it looked like something was leaking. The CW did not see me, I guess I should have made it known but on the other hand as hard as he spun he should have pitted on his own. I assume he broke a gas line, I do not know that for fact. I can tell you that if I do ever spin off track I will come into the hot pits at the very least and check for damage and the tires for debris. You learn something new out there each time. He was fine.

This one was worse:

cloud9 said:
Yikes guard rail? Is that an M3? Looks like it was a pretty nice car. Worse meaning the driver was hurt?

No just the car, he had an instructor aboard. Hit concrete wall/tire barrier out of turn five on the inside. Tough turn but never saw a car go off to the inside there. I had the end of that on camera but most of my gopro vids are corrupted (again) :mad:

M3, IDK, it's not a Ford so they all look the same to me.

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