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Pics and Vids of Summit Point - Main (Impressions of Pads and Square Setup)

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Here's a quick video of Friday's track event at summit point's main circuit.

I only recorded the last session of the day. I found setting up the gopro to be somewhat of a hassle before each session. I had set up an external mic, but last minute I decided to mount the gopro on my helmet, which blocked the USB port. So, heads up, there's some wind noise.

This is my first event in the Boss, so I went down to the novice group just to be safe. As you can see in the vid, I took things very easy and wasn't pushing the car.

Oh and there was a ZL1 there, but again, don't expect a good comparison since we were in the novice group. But I put the pass in the vid,just for you guys :p lol. Also, I was ordered by Chris at summit point to make sure I passed the ZL1 ;D

The only mods I had done were the following.
- ATE DOT4 amber fluid
- Carbotech XP12/XP10 combo
- Forgestar F14 18x10 +42
- Hankook RS-3 285/35's all around
- Purolator fuel filter used as temporary differential expansion tank
- Shocks set at 5/4

My impressions of the Carbotech XP12/XP10 pads.
The pads worked flawlessly for me. Great stopping power and easy modulation. I wasn't heel-toe braking, so I can't comment on the modulation during heel-toe. But, I activated the ABS once throughout the day, and it was easy to back out a little for threshold braking. I have yet to check for the amount of pad material left. So, I can't comment on longevity, yet.

I'm confident to say that this compound is not overkill with extreme performance summer tires. Overall, The car felt very stable under heavy braking.

My impressions of Hankook RS-3 285/35/18 square setup.
These tires are awesome! I purchased the set from Tirerack, they were having a closeout sale of 2009 production tires. so I got a great deal.

Since I'm new to tracking the Boss, I'm not sure if it's just the tires or the suspension, but the car stuck at turns like glue. Great amount of grip while braking, accelerating, and cornering.

The tires gave plenty of audible signs before letting go, which is great for learning the limits. And they worn down evenly with the stock suspension at this track.

As far as the square setup with the stock suspension goes-it is true-you will experience oversteer alot quicker, specially when you start getting on the gas earlier mid corner. But the oversteer is very manageable and it comes gradually with plenty of warnings. First the tires chirp, then you feel the rear end get light and start rotating.

Overall, if you are just out there to have fun and push a little, you should not have a problem managing the oversteer with the stock suspension. But if you're out there trying to best your time and squeeze a few seconds out of your lap times, then I see how running a square setup on stock suspension will hold you back and be somewhat frustrating.

My plan is to slowly change suspension components to support a square setup at the track. Meanwhile, I'll be taking things easy and rotating the tires for longevity.

Here are a couple of pictures for the lazy people that don't like to read.
Since it gets boring looking at the same car, I'm posting the pics that show the other cars in the class.



Friend's M5









Pretty sweet vid dude! I'm just south of Baltimore and think ill going to be going sometime in October. Where did you come from? And how long are the sessions?
Shaun, I'm located in Germantown, which is a little over an hr drive. If you're south of Baltimore, you may have a similar, or a little longer commute.

This event was held by Friday At The Track (FATT) by BSR at summit point. FATT schedules four 20-25min sessions. And they had about 20-25 cars out for our group.

I just signed up for Oct. 12-13 weekend, held by IMG racing. Check out this thread for info. It'd be nice to meet more mustang owners at these events!
I was looking at doing FATT on 10/11. I'm a day late and a dollar short, so i'm the waiting list for that one. I did sign up for FATT on 10/26 though.
hmm depending on how my 12-13 weekend goes, I may sign up for the 26th FATT. I will have to check when registration ends tho.
Oh maaaaaan such a beautiful track.
Thanks for all this info, photos, video and all.
This is awesome!!!!!

Man, you guys got good weather out there even now. It's like 30f in these parts now!
Not a problem. Hope it helps you with your decisions and part selections.

We got really lucky with the weather. Just the day before, we had pretty bad thunderstorms and strong winds. But it all settled down the next day and cooled everything down to low 60's.
F.D. Sako said:
Here's a quick video of Friday's track event at summit point's main circuit.

Is the cross hanging from the rear view mirror some kind of a "G meter"? LOL

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Exp. Type
Time Attack
Exp. Level
20+ Years
Blair, Nebraska
Sako and Sys,

Thanks to both of you for the video shots as have quite a few friends out East who love this track , but the consensus is as you suggested with the Main track being almost everyone's favorite. Shenandoah is touted to be technical, but my buddies say it is just a bit disjointed and busy, whereas both your videos really show a nice flow to the main track. Agree with your assessment Sys, that the Boss really rocks well on the original track and nice shots of you using every inch of it to get a stout time. Sounds like you guys need to get together with some more Boss Boyzzz and kick a little more tail. Thanks for posting , because right now it is still barely over 0 degrees here in Nebraska , and I am living vicariously watching your laps. Sure it is from back in September, but it is a new film clip for me ,ha,ha.
Thanks Bill!

I used to prefer Shenandoah over the Main circuit when I drove my corolla. Haven't been on Shenandoah with the mustang, yet. I'm sure I have to be a little more patient with the throttle compared to the corolla :p.

Temps were around 30 degrees tonight, but I still managed to drive the boss to the gym 8), I'm putting those winter tires to use.

Here's another vid taken a couple of months later, a little faster than the vid in the original post. My goal is to get a little more aggressive next time, as I'm getting more comfortable with the car and shifting. But the car's an absolute blast to drive!


Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
Exp. Type
Time Attack
Exp. Level
20+ Years
Blair, Nebraska
Bet you are still running with standard rubber and no camber plates? A few little changes and the car goes to another level and the bug will bite you even harder. Right now you blowing by some Vettes and others, and once you get the a few minor things done , you will be shocked at how really quick the Boss can become!! Get ahold of George at MGW LTD.COM and get a full shift kit -- you already are smooth with your hands and have good placement, but this will really clean up some of the ,MT 82s deficiencies. Thanks for posting again and your really look like you are on a strong progression speed wise and the Boss really rewards the driver. Feel free to drop me a note on some inexpensive upgrades to help you go quicker. Many will mod the heck out of the Boss and it responds well to that, but there are some less expensive changes that will make a huge difference.

[email protected]
402-677-5864 cell

Definitely alot more fun on the track than your Corolla , right, hehe!!??

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