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Rear Sway Bar Mounts on Tubular Lower Control Arms

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Leland, NC
Hey guys,

Was underneath my fox and noticed that I don't have a rear sway bar. The lower control arms look like adjustable tubular units like what UPR has on their site. There are no mounts on the control arms to put a rear sway bar. could I fabricate my own mounts and just weld them on? I would just take measurements from other brand control arms and see where they are located. Anyone run into this problem before? For background I take this car to HPDE and SCDE courses
These are the ones I think are on the car:
That does seem like a great solution. My only gripe is I'm saving for MM coilovers so I don't really want to spend 500+ on a sway bar. Was going to first find a way to make a regular sway bar work
The short answer is yes, you can weld on those brackets however.. and this is a big however, the UPR stuff is usually chromemolly and for drag race applications. They are a Florida company and make great drag race components, road course stuff, not so much. If you décide to weld on them, they should probably be tig welded.

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