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Road Atlanta Track Day

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Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Dunno about that company but we use these guys out here in AZ, might want to inquire about a competitive quote:

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My second favorite track in the US , after Miller Motorsports Park, and just keep a cool head , drive smooth, and take turn 12 with caution till you get comfortable. This is actually a good track to learn on, in that is is technical, so work on your lines this weekend coming up, and worry about speed later. One of the fastest guys I knew went to driving school with us back around 10 years ago. He was bog slow, but worked on his line. By the third day of the school he was one of the fastest guys in our group.

Work the line, and later you will get the time!!
BOSS1289 said:
99% going to Road Atlanta April 1st. 1st time tracking, so excited! Has anyone used or hear of OnTrackInsurance? Got a quote from them for this event.


Just yesterday I took delivery of my 2012 comp orange Boss. But I used to own a Honda S2000 that I tracked quite a bit at Summit Point.

1. If you exercise a modicum of caution, you won't crash.
2. Listen to your instructor
3. Don't worry about being fast or who's faster than you. Focus on learning the proper line around the circuit. No matter what you bring to the track, you won't be fast until you learn the right line around the track.
4. If some is faster than you, wave them by. Don't hold people up, it's a dick move.
5. After you come off the track DO NOT APPLY THE PARKING BRAKE! After a track session your rotors will be VERY hot an that can melt the pads for the parking brake.
6. You do run some risk of brake fade, so if you brakes start to feel soft or the pedal goes long, bring it into the pits.
7. Get a roll of blue masking tape and tape off the front end and headlights, it will keep you from getting stone chips from caused by the cars in front of you.
Thanks for info. I am in the Novice/Beginner group, which is lead - follow only as I understand it, no passing. I don;t plan on pushing it too hard (and heard a lot about turn 12!). I also heard a lot of people talk about the blue painters tape, so getting a roll or two of the widest I can find for from and lower rocker panel areas.

Looking forward to it!
Had a great time Sunday at Road Atlanta. Pretty nervous the first few runs, got a (little) more comfortable as the day went. Turn 12 was my nemesis! I was slower than some, but kept it out of the wall! :) Everything stock on the car - brakes, wheels and tires, everything. Since it was lead follow, I could not get over 115 or so on the back straight (kept running up on others or lead car which was told to keep it to 100). Fastest lap was just over 2 minutes, but as someone suggested, I was just learning the line. Here is a link to a short in car video:

Can't tell if this link will work or not, not sure how to put the video in here. I was not very happy with the video. It was showing speed from GPS, and half the time it didn't work, and I am not sure was very accurate (I know I was faster than it shows!) :)


I never get tired of driving it!
Nice video. It looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to get my '13 out when I get it. :)

What camera did you use and how did you mount it?

Also, how much was the track insurance for the day?

Not sure what camera they used (rented it for a couple of sessions), but was disappointed that the sound did not work. Insurance was about $220 for $42k.

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