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Sad ending for this boss

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Came across this today, hope the link work.
I don't know much about car insurance, but isn't it the insurance company's option to either total the car or repair it? If they totaled it wouldn't they at least have to reimburse the owner fair market value for the car? I would think that would have to be at least $30 grand. Also if the car is totaled the insurance takes possession of it, so the original owner wouldn't be selling it. Something isn't adding up here. In any event, I feel sorry for the original owner...not even 2000 miles on the car & it ends up like that. If it was me, I would be devastated.
It could be that they bought it back from the insurance company if it's considered totaled.I have a buddy that did that with his Dodge truck after it was flooded. Sucks either way.

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