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Safe wheel load ratings for track

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So, I had decided to get Konig Kilograms in 18x9.5, 35mm offset, with 275/40 Sport Comp2's. Discount Tire Direct called and said Konig never got back to them on the PO and they have no idea on lead time. They suggested in-stock TSW Interlagos in 18x9, 32mm, 18.3lbs each..yikes. I noticed they do have Nurburgrings in 9.5" with 40mm offset in stock. Perfect! Except I have read that they only have a load rating of 1350lbs (a post dated 2010). I cannot find the ratings of the Interlagos, but I was thinking 9.5" anyways and DTD only has 9" in stock. The Nurburgrings look stronger but I was hoping to be more unique and stay away.

So, before I call them back, what do you guys think is an appropriate load rating? Most miles are put on cruising, but I autocross and plan on more track days (all with street legal tires). I can't afford real racing with the Boss :( My reason for going to 18s is tire availability, cost, and weight reduction. I chose square 9.5" width since 255 is the narrowest I would use and 10" seems silly for mostly street use.
This question is so stupid that... i dont know the answer LOL :p I've never noticed load ratings for wheels before. May have to look into them next time.

I know this doesn't answer your question, but have you looked into the team dynamics wheels?
check out these threads.;topicseen (scroll down for 18x10 team dynamics wheels)

I've always stuck with manufacturers that support and supply wheels for racers. I use Enkei RPF1's for my other car, but since they don't fit on the mustang (w/o spacers) I was thinking PF01's or team dynamics wheels.

I dont know why, but I've always thought of TSW as "tuner" style wheels meant for the street and "looks". This may very well be the incorrect, but that's how I've viewed their wheels.

hope someone can give you a useful answer.
Thanks Sako,
That sounds like a safe route. I will look at the load ratings of actual race wheels to compare. The reason I have entertained TSW is because they are now using the rotary forged technique that Enkei and others use for their racing wheels. The rest of their lineup is more tuner it seems, but they have a few including the Interlagos and the Nurburgring that are rotary forged. I know many Mustang owners have been drooling over, and buying the Nurburgring and look-alikes, so the Interlagos would stand out in the pack. I prefer the more simple designs.
I'd stick with 9.5" at a minimum.
That was my thought also. They offered me the 9" Interlagos for the same price as the Killograms since they had them in stock. Maybe they will meet me in the middle on special ordered 9.5" Interlagos. I doubt they would offer the same deal if they have to order them.


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I like to see 1.8-2x the corner weight in static load. The mustang is around 900-1000lb on the front, so a 1600-2000lb static load rating is desirable for longevity. Its really hard to find a lightweight wheel capable of this. The Team Dynamics is the best i have been able to find. They are rated for 800kg or 1770lbs. The PF01 is also good. Cant remember the number off hand, but i believe it was around 660kg or 1450 lbs. Lots of race teams push it down to as low as 1.2x to get the extra weight savings, but they can afford to buy multiple sets each season.

For a track day driver or low budget racer, the closer you get to 2x, the longer the wheels will last.

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