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Shelby wheels

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I cannot make myself like the wagon wheels on my car. I think a magnum style would look awesome on these cars. Shelby has an 18" that resembles the Magnum. Anyone know if the 18" listed will clear the brakes on the B2?
I think all of the recent Shelby wheels clear the brakes since the Shelby's have the same Brembo's. You could give them a call and ask. ;)
I disagree ArizonaGT, the 19s look like steam rollers to me. Wagon wheels is a good name for the stockers, it is more PC than what I have been calling them.

Hmm... Shelby pony is only $28, wonder if it would fit the 302S grill


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I was always a fan of these. In fact, I almost got them for my '06 GT.
daddyfixer said:
None of the above. Weld 18" Magnum RT lll wheels on rear , and The Weld 17" Alumastar on the front are really Bad A$$. Or so I have been told.

I thought that 17s won't clear the calipers?

These are 2010 Ford Racing SVT Shelby Convertible wheels, 18x9.5. They fit the Boss perfectly and the dark charcoal color actually matches the stripes on a 2013 Boss better than the gloss black of the stock wheels. The are a killer deal at $175 each.

Keep in mind that if you go to an 18 inch wheel and tire with the same aspect ratio, you will get more wheelwell gap and your speedo will be off. On the plus side, the car will be lower. I went with taller tires instead to keep the overall diameter close to stock.

Also, no matter what wheels you go with, you either need to move the TPMS sensors from your stock wheels to the new ones, or you need to buy new factory TPMS sensors, or you can just live with the warning that pops up once every time you drive. Your choice.


Life is good
That was what I was thinking, one profile higher tire on 18" wheel. That is what is on my 09 Shelby and they are the same circumference as the 19" on the Boss. Figure for a street tire, the handling difference will not be noticable. Thanks for the tip on the Shelby convertible wheels. If I don't go with a Magnum "look" those will be my choice. Another factor in the 18" is the much lower cost of tires than with the 19". Not many cars use the 19", so the lower volume translates to higher price.

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