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Summit Point-FATT Sept. 13

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Seems like group 1 is sold out for now. so decide quick before group 2 sells out lol

I intentionally went down to group 1, because it's going to be my first time tracking the boss.. also have 2 friends joining me in group 1.
pufferfish said:
I might instruct if my car is back up and running by then...knock on wood;)

I really hope you do get your car all fixed up by then. and if you decide to instruct, pull some strings to instruct the white boss ;D
I've only been there once so I don't think I can get in to group 2. I'll have to look at the site or somebody that knows could chime in.

Instructors aren't assigned, you just need to find him before someone else does. The instructors walk along the starting grid to check and see if you have an instructor already.


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Correct. The instructors are not assigned. If I make it, I will find you.

If you have been solo'd with other groups at summit, you may be able to be allowed into group 2i (which gives you an instructor).
The new FATT director Chris (LostPony) could verify if this is true.
Thanks for the input guys.

I've solo'd group 2 with fatt, but that was with a different car. Because of my lack of manual transmission experience, I signed up for group 1 to lessen the pressure from instructors running hard with race prepped cars lol. That's why I didint know how fatt handled instructors. SCCA and NASA usually assign instructors.
I sign up to be put on the wait list and I think that wait maybe over in Oct. I just wasn't sure if I could get off work and I may run in to the same problem in Oct. It's a biznitch when you have a 5 man shop and 75% are out sick on vacation or gone on a medical leave for a few months. I never know what I'm in for. Weekends are usually shot because of being on call. I finished wining now. It's too bad they don't walk up registration.

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