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This is what happened to me when I was buying my car......

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Yeah, not even a consideration for me. Im avg 11.7! But I did have that voice talking in the back of my head....... Gotta get that car......
well, MPG did cross my mind when trading up to the boss 302, which so far the max has been 27 mpg. That was way better then my previous mustang. Then i realized i was driving a boss, and the whole idea of mpg went out the window. Now I'm averaging about a tank a day, compared to a tank a week.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
When I step on the gas, it goes fast. When I get into the turns, it still goes fast. That's my criteria for good gas mileage.

And if you are getting 27 MPG with this car then then you must live in an area that has only downhill roads ;D
My truck DD gets 11 mpg, my Boss gets 11 mpg, my track car gets 25 mpg. It almost seems like I should shuffle up what car gets driven when...
No one got the humor of this commercial. It wasnt about the gas mileage or anything specifically about the car. It was about the obsession to get the car. The hunt. I went from happily driving my race car now and then to not being able to get the boss out of my thoughts.... All I considered when looking at the boss was how fast it would go around a track! :eek:
Sometimes financial discipline and logic come into play, whether one should spend 50,000 clams on a fun drive/weekend activity/carving turns thru the canyons or spend it on something much less costly such as a used sports car that has always been highly rated as a fun drive/daily activity/carving turns thru the canyons at 14,000 clams.

The difference, in this case, 36,000 clams at least in terms of clams. ::) Of course, another difference is fuel costs depending upon how the car is used and the mileage accumulated. There are many other attributes for either case, to be sure. But heck, we're adults and as many of us have said (including that other person), "go for it".
So I was window shopping at a Ferrari dealership one day and there was a couple guys sitting in a convertible 348 or whatever was the new car at the time. The conversation between the two basically went like this:

So you going to buy it?

I don't know, it's pretty expensive.

Dude, look at it this way. If you can't get ass driving this car, you might as well turn gay.

*turns to salesman* I'll take it.

I laughed pretty hard ;D

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