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This is why I wanted SYNC in my Boss

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Although the new Plantronics ear bud I purchased works really well I've always thought of SYNC as a safety device and necessary for pit crew communication. ;)

Today the NTSB announced they support a ban on cell phone usage while driving. "It would apply to hands-free as well as hand-held devices, but devices installed in the vehicle by the manufacturer would be allowed, the NTSB said."
I saw that article too. I am not sure I understand the difference between an after-market and Sync or other manufacturer installed systems in terms of distraction.
The manufacturers of automobiles have more clout then the manufacturers of earpieces. How else are you less distracted if the unit is built into the car?
If someone is willing to wait till I get home or to work to have me call them back screw them......besides Im to busy paying attention to the road and avoiding all the knuckle heads out there texting, talking on the phone, and now(apparently) to there cars......they are all distractions.
5 DOT O, I agree, talking with the cars system is as safe as its going to get. It's like having a convo with a passenger. Hands still on wheel and eyes ahead. Much better than holding a device.
Of all the creature comforts in new cars the hands free phone is the one most useful to me. I like to make calls from my car on my way home from work to make that time more productive. It's not a matter of making people wait. My wife's car has every bell and whistle under the sun including NAV and backup camera. The only one I use on a regular basis is the hands free phone. Looks like going forward all cars will have that feature including the 2013 Boss 302. ;)


The feds recently mandated backup cameras in all cars, so why not hands-free. I bet it will happen.
F ing government!

They should also ban... adjusting mirrors while driving, changing the radio while driving, all car info that can not be displayed using a heads up display (including speed), talking about anything that is not related to the safe operation of the vehicle, coffee or any other refreshment within reach of the driver, and children anywhere in the car.
Driving at night or in the rain should be limited to necessary travel (to be determined by govt officials) only. There is also no reason for a car to be able to exceed the speed limit.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I'm going to continue to talk on the phone while driving. If I see a cop, I'll put the phone down for a second or go to speaker phone.

If another motorist sees me and wants to inform the police, well, they can't, because it would be illegal for them to use their phone while driving :eek:
I agree.....sync is a good idea.....just pissed at being almost ran into ..... and having to pass in the slow lane by people talking on phone in the fast lane.....most of the time from observation drivers speed varies greatly while they are conversing on the I dont believe in laws ..... are freedoms have eroded way to much as Americans already..... to me talking to passengers is different than talking on the phone.
2012YellowBoss said:
While some may disagree with me over this, the way I see it when they win (government) they never stop.

The only people who will disagree with you are those who like being coddled by Most of us normal people are beyond sick and tired of having the hand of government contoling every single minute aspect of our lives.

I got the Belkin bluetooth device for my BOSS. It hooks up perfectly and out-of-sight in the console, where it gets power and taps into the aux plug which are right next to each other. Then I have a 6 inch power cable going to my phone which is neatly mounted on the A/C vent.

The setup doesn't take away from driving any more than working the radio or climate controls. It takes less away from driving than a nav system. Yet, in all of their grand stupidity, wants to decree that this equipment contraband.

Since they want to force me to not use it, are they now going to buy it from me? Rhetorical question, being that they rarely compensate anyone they screw.
I always wonder what is so important that you have to talk about it / text about it on the phone while you are driving?
"swing by the store and get milk" You know what time I leave work, you should have told me before I left.
"hey bff, wat u doin?" ...I'm driving and I'll answer you when I get where i'm going.
"OMG! did u hear about so-and-so?" Nope, so it can wait another 20 minutes.
"meet me at the hospital, i'm dying" ...ok, this one is important, but what are the odds it will happen while you are driving?

BTW ~ I don't own a cell phone. I don't see the attraction in them.

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