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TMO's Pizza Port

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Me Hon and Son went to the new Sally's in Fairfield Ct yesterday....nice place....It's an offshoot from the original Sally's (85 yrs) on Wooster St in New Haven. It's not bad!!...Brick Oven!!!...But I was expecting it to be a little better.......just my take.............Just as a background.....Original Sally's sold out recently and now there are 3 Sally's in Ct with 3 more coming in the area soon.....The original Sally's was on Wooster St ( a couple doors down from Pepe's) in New Haven for 85 yrs........No discern to anybody...Modern Appiza named Pizzeria of 2023.... favorite for a LONG time!!!!!!!!!!!!
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W2W Racing
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3-5 Years
Huntsville, AL
We were in Danville, KY this weekend to watch Holly’s youngest finish of the BSC football season. Stopped in this little hole in the wall pizza joint. It turned out to be pretty good pizza.

I'm over due for a Bob's pizza.........but with today's prices, it's cheaper to order out and eat in............but the adventure of making your own pie once in a while is worth the aggravation...Modern Pizza in New Haven is a whole different story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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