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VIR 30 AUG - 01 SEP

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I've been running some events with the Potomac Porsche Club and I just signed up for a 3 day event at VIR which runs from 30 AUG - 01 SEP. This is labor day weekend. They typically run 3 - 30 minute sessions per day and the cost is about $400 for the 3 days.

It would be nice to get some other Boss's out there. If anyone is interested here is a link for registration on their site. You don't need to be a member to run with them, just as long as they don't fill up.
It was great to meet you Hermes and Bill! Excellent weekend for Bosses at VIR. All three promoted from green to blue. All three giving the Porsches hell. ;D Here's my fastest lap of the weekend, trying to keep up with Bill. Bill's car is so ninja-sweet it's not even funny. [youtube][/youtube]
Bobby, it was great meeting you and Bill. Your right, Bill's car is pretty awesome. Had a blast chasing P cars with you guys. It was cool that we ended up in the same run groups and got together a few times. VIR was a great track. A bit of a haul for me to get to, but I'll definitely try and see if I can get down there again sometime next year.

By the way, your video is really nice. I see that you're using Harry's lap timer. Is your video shot using an i-phone or are you using a different camera. I remember you mentioned you had a Dual GPS. I'd like to try and get something like what you have for playback. The video I shot on my i-pod looks good, but there's no timing or track map. I don't know if all I need is a GPS and Harry's laptimer or more than that.

I'll try and post a video once I get them downloaded.
I used a gopro to get the video, and harry's lap timer on my iphone plus the XGPS150A GPS. Basically I captured the video with the gopro, and the data with the iphone. The GPS device just makes it more accurate (updates 5 times a second instead of the ~1 that the iPhone provides.) You can get a close approximation without the GPS, but you'll notice that it's slow to update which may make it a bit inaccurate. The video should have had the g forces as well, but something got lost in the process.

Basically you take the video from the gopro, add it to your iphone as a "photo" (this is counterintuitive, I know) and associate it to your lap in harry's app, and press the "overlay" button. Then it processes it, and you get to see your data with your run. This is much easier if you just record it with your iPhone, but mine is only a 16GB, so that wasn't an option for me.

Hermes, I have some video of me trying to keep up with you as well. I'll put it on youtube and share. It was very impressive what you were able to do with a stock Boss and race rubber/pads.

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