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Water ingress

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Hi Guys

A friend of mine has just had his Boss delivered, i think he has had it about a month now and he has water in the passenger footwell, any idea's?

Obviously he cant take it back to the dealer as we are in the UK !

So if anyone has heard of this problem on a 2013 Mustang please give me a link to the thread


this was a known issue on some earlier generation Mustangs so hopefully what you have is some type of anomally. With my previous car is was a multifaceted problem. There were drain holes with rubber "Pockets" attatched to them under the hood below the wiper area on both sides that would become clogged and allow water to gather. I'll have to check on my 2013 to see if they still have those.

In addition, there was a pinch weld below the plastic shroud under where the wipers are that was not sealed well from the factory (Ford had a bulletin about this and I sealed it up). Third, the area behind the shround or liner for the passanger side wheel well needed some attention as it too was not well sealed from the factory.

But first, have him check the firewall and the floor pan. Sometimes a body plug is out and water manages to get in.

Hopefully, some idiot just left the window open!

I hate when water gets in the car. Tell him to get that carpet up in that area (and check the whole car) and dry out the padding etc or the smell will be horrible. If it is bad enough he might need new carpet and padding. Good luck


As Twins said this was an issue on the previous gen, we had an '06 GT where water would leak down around the passenger kick panel and get the fuse/junction block wet shorting the taillights out. The water entered between the plastic window moulding and the body while the car was parked during heavy rain.

On my wife's 2012 GT I had to go into that same area to reset Sync one day and was surprised to see that Ford's solution included wrapping the fuse/junction block with flimsy cardboard held on with Velcro, presumably to keep it dry. ??? Hopefully Ford isn't still expecting leaks in that area but I don't know why they would have added that cover, which was not on our '06.
Glad I was not the only one MLM.! The water leak was terrible and it did put the fuse box at risk. I too had to reset Sync just two days ago on my 2013 and found some flimsy paper with velcro and a piece of clear tape over the box.

Now that I'm thinking about it - to the OP ask your friend if he always parks his car the same way or if he has recently done something differently. I seem to remember that the leak also depended on if I parked the car on an angle i.e. a driveway that had an upwards slope.
Here is the TSB that covers the 2005 - 2009 Mustang water leak issue. You may be able to find the leak using this TSB.

Sheesh, I thought Ford fixed this problem. ::) I have a leak in my trunk I have to fix. It started after I got the LS spoiler, MMD tail light trim, and decklid panel. I think I've narrowed it down to the water coming in through my tail light assembly.

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