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Well, whatta you know, it's 302Bob's Birthday today --- please give him your well wishes so there is a chance he will respond, ha!

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Happy Birthday Bob!!! 🎂 🥳
Too late to see if the drinks are still on the house - sun's gone down. Plus I've still got work to do. Can't wait until I can get retired like you!

Hope you got your birthday pizza. Best wishes for another year of enjoying the Boss and the friendship of the TMO crowd.
I survived another year...Praise The Lord........Hon came thru with a Brewport Pepperoni Pie...........She's my Angel in disguise.............My Guardian Angel from above that I need to hug had a slice too.....................the ladder's down but there's a couple slices left Boys..................Dave, those Drifters can sing!!!!!!!!!!......Okay, Let's put this one to in where's mine!!!!!!!!!!!
302Bob is 68Bob today and that means he will be getting a Pizza to blow out the candles on! Give the minor poster some love and well wishes as he is an integral part of the TMO Forum, though often a bit of a crazy poster. One can not deny his love of Mustangs so give him your best and we can all enhance his special day!

Happy Birthday Robert of Connecticut, weatherman for the East Coast, Pizza Connoissuer , Music Video purveyor, and Professional poster of all trivial data many will never understand.

Luv ya man,
Bill Pemberton
Happy Birthday Bob!
Hope you had a great birthday 🎂

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