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What seats for the 2013?

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I've got to make a decision on what seats to order -the regular 302 or the Recaros. I see that the Recaros have a 'one-piece' seatback whereas the 'regular' 302 seats have a separate headrest. :-\
I am familiar with the Recaro reputation but haven't been able to sit in either. I may not want to wait until the Detroit auto show next week altho I might not be able to get inside a 302 at that time either.
Can someone give me a comparison? ::) I realize, however, it may just be personal preferences.
Recaro's and don't give it another thought. The Recaro's are so much better than the stock seat you can't make a comparison.


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I agree with 5 DOT 0 but keep one thing in mind, the Recaro's that come with the Boss do not have a cutout for a 5/6 point harness. If you wish to have a harness system with a submarine strap (5 or 6 point) neither seat option from the 2012 models suffice. So, if you plan on swapping seats anyway the Recaros may be a waste of money. If you don't need/want the submarine strap capability then definitely go Recaro as 5.0 said.

PS: Polaristxguy - NICE COLOR !!! ;D
I did not get the Recaro's on my car wish I had even though I like the standard seats. The Recaro's are now in the FRPP catalog at $2995/pair. They were a lot cheaper option when I ordered my car $2000/pair including the diff which I did not know about. Keep this in mind before you put in your order.
5 DOT 0 said:
Recaro's and don't give it another thought. The Recaro's are so much better than the stock seat you can't make a comparison.
Yep what he said. I think the regular Boss seats are basically just re-skinned GT seats. I had a 2011 GT before my Boss and those seats just don't compare. I recently went to a new car autoshow and the only car that I sat in that had seats that could compare to the Recaros in the Boss were the Recaros in the new CTS-V's. Of course there were plenty of exotics that you couldn't touch and I'm sure their seats were nice.
To me its a track car .Get everything you can so you can take it to the track.If you haven't tracked or car or are not planing to .Just do it! It is what the car is made for .FUN,FUN,FUN!!!
If money is no object, go for the Recaros. I've very happy with my standard Boss seats, but I also don't track my car either. I think the great majority of the 2012 cars were delivered with the Recaros.
Thanks everyone ;), for your quick response.
Today, 01/13/2012, and at 15:20:08 I placed a deposit for the Recaro seats. The vehicle that comes with the seats will be a School Bus Yellow 2013. The price is 'TBD' and to be MSRP.

I will create a new post subject for purposes of broadcasting bimonthly (twice/month) or monthly updates until delivery to the dealership.
Thanks, again.

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