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Wheel Offset question

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Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Hi, I am running a a square set up with 275/35-19 Diezza ZII on oem wheels. I think the offset on the stock wheels is +42mm front and +45 rear? I am about to get a set of SVE Drift wheels 19 x 9.5 with +35mm offset. If some one comes up with a decent 285/35-19 tire would the 35mm offset mean less clearance problems (front brake ducts etc)? I guess the wider track would be better for track in any case. Would adding spacers be a help as well? I have MM camber plates and with -1.5 degrees, the front wheels are currently well under the fender.

I know!! Before everyone tells me I should go to an 18in wheel, but decided on having two sets of 19in wheels for spares etc. Really like the Dirreza tires and the price for 19in dunlops tires is very decent here in Chile.
You should be fine with the 35mm offset on the 19" wheels and no need for spacers.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
You should be fine with the 35mm offset on the 19" wheels and no need for spacers.

This^ as long as you don't use camber bolts. The inside lip for this rim is only about 1/8" inboard of the stock rim.

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