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Wheels from Bimmerworld

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I need a bit of help from the experts. I posted this at the Mustang Source:

tracked at VIR this weekend and did a fair bit of reconnaissance for my want list. I'd like to focus on the said topic for this discussion.

I have decided to run square 18x10 for the ease/benefit of tire rotation and to mimic the 302r in the Grand Am series. I have seen this thread from Jscheier*
In that thread, he refers to the Vorshlag D-force wheels.

I believe you can purchase the same wheels at Bimmerworld. I believe they are the same wheel as they are the same price and have the same offset.
In addition, you can have them mount used Continental Challenge track (Hoosier) tires in "average" condition for $75 a pop, and the mounting is free.
I believe these are virtually the same setup as the Grand Am Mustangs and M3's

My concerns are:
Are these the same wheels and are they compatible with our S197? Is it the same bolt pattern and thickness? Will it require a spacer?
Is it safe to get those tires? And, will a 275/35R18 fit right with a similar wheel diameter? They stand by their word that they have plenty of wear left. I met a guy with an e92 M3, who was running this setup. He required no spacers. He did cord them that day.

Moving right along, my understanding is to install a stiffer front sway bar, evening out the body roll of the front end, diminishing the front tire grip a bit to even out the inherent under steer a square set up will cause. I believe this Strano front sway bar was recommended by Jscheier:
Is it reasonably easy to install?
What concerns me is that he said it cost $189 in his thread but it only costs $179 on the Strano site and the Back sway bar costs $189.
Also, the car overseers enough coming out of the apex. I hope I'm not getting in over my head with an oversteering race car. Is the sway bar enough for the correction?

Please feel free to correct any of the above comments, and by all means, answer my questions and forgive the lengthiness. Maybe I should stick with the staggered set up.

Thank you.
I don't know if they fit or not but I like the color options better. If for any answers to your questions.


I'm running square NT-05 275/40/18 on 35mm offset and 45mm offset 18x9.5 wheels.

I followed Jscheier's lead and installed the Strano front bar, and also went with the rear at the same time--he now has rear bar also. Front is full stiff, rear full soft. Got the pair just because--shipping both at the same time saves shipping, so I went for it.

Front install is pretty easy. Remove 2 plastic panels, remove X brace, then you have room to remove/install the bar.

I removed the end links from the tip since the nut is on the outside, then swapped the end links once I had the old bar off the car.
This tool and a 1/4" impact driver was a great help turning the sway bar mounting bolts out once broke free (they are nylock, so turn hard all the way out).


Too Hot for the Boss!
Both I and Vorshlag answered your question on the other forum.

Vorshlag is currently the only place to get D-Force wheels in an S197 fitting.
JScheier said:
Both I and Vorshlag answered your question on the other forum.

Vorshlag is currently the only place to get D-Force wheels in an S197 fitting.

Got it. I posted on both forums at the same time. I didn't know how much cross traffic there is.

Thank you all for the answers to the wheel question. I've got a set of blacks on order. The Vorshlag guys were awesome to deal with. I'll be ordering some more goodies from them, like some Camber plates.

Now, if I get the front Strano bar set on stiff, I should be good, no?

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