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Circuits Willow Springs Raceway

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Anyone have recommended alignment specs?

We take our 350R there twice a year with the Cobra owners club. Getting ready to go again in Oct, will be installing camber plates. Seems like most recommend -3 deg of front camber regardless of the track. We will be drilling out the towers with a jig so should be able to achieve that. We also run the carbon wheels if that matters.

Last time we had brand new Goodyear 3R, and they were amazing, but got home and realized the front driver side tire developed bubbles on the inside edge. Hoping a proper alignment can prevent that from happening again. We also plan to rotate the front tires this time.

thanks in advance.
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Did big Willow yesterday with the Cobra Owners club. Wonderful time as always.

The new paving is really nice in turn 2, smooth and you can carry a lot more speed. Up between 3 and 4 there are some bad washboards right on the racing line. Also at the bottom of the hill in 5. I heard someone saying they are supposed to fix that soon.

The new camber plates with -3 up front were a big improvement, the car easily carries more speed through 2 and 8.

Best lap of the day was a 1:34.64, recorded using Racebox mini and RaceChrono Pro app

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