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Wiring Radar Detector on Mirror

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Wiring Harness to mirror non-dimming mirror? At the factory, do they have the same wiring harness for mustangs? More specifically, would they run ACC/12v power up to the rear view mirror location on a base model GT? I know I could get power from the dome lights, but if I tapped into that, it would be constant 12v. I am going to direct wire an Escort RD using a BlendMount. Wondering if I can get 12v that only comes on with the turn of the key in the mirror location without running a wire all the way around and down into the dash. This car does not have the auto-dimming mirror and no power wire exposed into the mirror.
Has anyone done a RD install in the mirror area?
I installed a Homelink Autodimming Mirror after wiring my V1. Here's a link to a discussion on another forum that may prove helpful.
I got a Mirror Tap kit from Safe 'n Sound on ebay and tapped into a switched power source in the overhead console. I have my Valentine One, aka King of False Alarms, attached to my mirror via a Mirror Mount.
I also had the Mirror Tap kit for the Escort, but just ran over to the passenger pillar. Super easy, tapped into the black w/yellow wire (Grnd) and White w/blue wire (Pwr/Key). About a 15m job. If it blows the inline 2a fuse, it is in the pillar which comes off super easy. BlendMount is a clean look, way better than the cup mounts with the cord to the lighter outlet.

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