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Your "Strange" driving habits?

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I have a strage thing that I have to do when I drive. I guess it's more of a superstition that turned into a habit. I have to have the radio on even if it's turned down all the way. I have been pulled over 3 times in my life and all three times I had decided to turn the radio off. So of course for some reason having the radio on, litsening to it or not, maybe gives me luck of some kind. I know it's strange, but it has seemed to work for me so far.

Do y'all have any strage habit(s) or superstition(s) when driving? Or even before or after driving?
Having the radio on in our cars with the volume all the way down is actually is best way to enjoy the stock speakers ;)


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I have a few. In regards to cops when I pass one I have to give them the finger below the door. I feel this keeps them from pulling me over. When I forget to is when I get pulled over it seems. lol. I dont hate cops its just something that I did once when I blew by one doing triple digit speeds and he didnt come after me.

A old one is when going under a yellow light I punch the roof and say "free F%^*" something I picked up when I was 16 from a cousin. this is so you dont get pulled over as well or get hit.

I know I have more I just cant remember right now lol
I never drive manual cars in regular shoes, because my feet are too wide. I had a few pucker moments in the past trying to drive imports with my street shoes. If I don't have skinny shoes available, I just drive like Fred Flintstone. I guess that is a weird habit? Also some of the track habits have slipped into my daily driving, like how I never use the parking brake.


LOL, I didn't think of the parking break. If I park anywhere That break is pulled. I even did it at Track Attack a few times even though they are disconnected. Thought I was gonna put it through the roof when it came up so fast! I wouldn't call it strange though, but a habit yes.

My sister always kisses her hand and taps the roof really fast when going through a yellow light. She also always has to wave at cows to avoid the cops. LOL!

I have also been getting into a habit of heel toe shifting while driving around town. People look at me strange cause of the big revs, but it makes me feel cool. :p 8)
So I was driving my truck today and I noticed I was pushing with my left foot against the footrest, to push me back into the chair so it felt like I was accelerating harder. I don't think I do the Boss.

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