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10th Anniversary of the Mustang Roundup

Event Type
Track Event
Event Organizer
Motorsports Park Hastings (MPH)
Location: Hastings, NE
Event Registration Link:

This year will be the 10th Anniversary of the Mustang Roundup and rumors abound that VoodooBoss will again be in attendance! Also our friends at Ford are promising another big surprise that they will bring to the event ( boy were folks sorry they did not show up to see the GT 500 pound the pavement all day on Saturday). There is one issue concerning the date of the event, so we ask you to go to the site if you are thinking of attending , and fill out the survey. There are actually two dates listed at present , with the first tentative date being Sept. 10-13th and the second being Oct. 1-4th.

My concern, and I know some others , is that the SCCA Solo Nationals are being held in Lincoln, Nebraska from Sept. 7th through the 11th , and I know we have some Autocrossers that will not attend the Roundup on that date because the Nationals is a huge event ( close to 1400 drivers each year ) and they could not make both. The other major issue for many of us who do Time Trials or Road Race is the September date is exactly the same as the NASA National Championship at Utah Motorsports Campus. Many of us are planning to attend that, myself included. I know of 4 racers and Time Trialers who would not make the event due to the dates of the NASA Nationals.

So my personal view is the October date makes more sense and would suggest a vote for that date, as I believe it would ensure a better turnout. The 10th Anniversary should be a big party , so we hope to make it around a time that many of you can attend?
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