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Great Price!!! Last DE for the Great Plains Region of the PCA

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Track Event
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Great Plains Region of the PCA
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This event is held at RPM ( Raceway Park of he Midlands ) and it is a DE event, but for those experienced drivers it is a very reasonably priced day for burning up rubber . A $165 it is a bargain because you can easily get in 6-8 sessions and this will be the last one day event in the area till next year. No problem if you are not a PCA member ( which few of you will be ) as there is a daily member fee to go ( $10 if I remember correctly ) and plenty of non Porsche drivers show up. 12coboss runs there occasionally ( last time he posted the fastest time out there with his Garmin Catalyst ) and Mustang 5O has run there also. Get your Stang brothers to come, heck throw in a few Camaros, Corvettes, Audis, Hondas, for good measure, ha. I will be out there and will be Instructing drivers. You know the adage that when you are no longer fast you coach, well I am a damn good coach , but.....................not as fast as I once was.

Now I could go into those irritating old man stories regaling you about how fast I used to be, but let's just state that 18-20 years ago I had the track record in Spec Miata for 3 straight years, and I have 7-8000 miles on the track, so I can give you tips even if I have slowed down . --- check in there, then go to Club Registration and you will need a SA2015 or newer helmet to play. If yours is older let them know in registration notes, or drop me a note, as there are a few loaners.

Hope to see you there!!