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2013 Mustang GT_50L Profile

2013 Mustang
GT_50L  (2013 GT Street / HPDE / AutoX)

2013 GT Street / HPDE / AutoX

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S197 Model
GT 5.0L
Mods - Handling
Ford K Springs, Strange Engineering Adjustable struts/shocks, Whiteline front Swaybar, Maximum Motorsports rear panhard bar, Ford performance ARP hubs and ARP long studs replaced on rear axle. Brembo 4-pots with G-LOC pads. 18" Apex EC-7's Anthracite. 7/24 - ran Toyo R888r's at COTA that weekend and loved the performance of the tire. Much better than street Nitto's I had previously.
Mods - Power
No power mods yet but added cooling capability with Mishimoto Performance radiator.
Mods - Exterior
Blowfish Racing Manual Shifter relo bracket. Ford Performance GT500 Muffler and Rear Valance. Blowfish Racing Front Tow Hook
Mods - Interior
ACCELATEC Leather Steering Wheel. Schroth QuickFit Pro belts to keep my butt planted.
Background & Plans
Found a nice purely stock grocery-getter, took it to the track and hated the suspension but loved the car. Spent the winter doing the suspension work and replacing front brakes. Cooling was an issue last summer so I added a bigger radiator and replaced all the hoses. The GT500 mufflers are nice and eliminated the bad drone inside the cab at highway speeds. I plan to re-learn the car with the new suspension and wheels and get my driving skills up to par before considering doing any power mods. If I do, I'd like to add the Boss 302 intake manifold.
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