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2017 Mustang GT Profile

2017 Mustang
GT AutoX -  (2017 Mustang GT Base, "Snowball")

2017 Mustang GT Base, "Snowball"

Specs & Mods

Ownership Status
Currently Own
S550 Model
Mods - Handling
20" Rotiform wheels and Nitto tires
Mods - Power
Magnaflow axle-back exhaust
Background & Plans
Bought it new in 2017 right after our son was first new car. I needed a car to commute to the hospital with since our son was born prematurely and his hospital was 2 hours away. After he came home, Snowball had a new job: shop promotion and awareness to tow truck operators. Snowball was fitted with the flag decal with the yellow stripe on the roof, and has taken up duties that do not require a tow truck such as jumpstarts and lockout services. In 2018, Snowball was stolen after drug addicts and criminals broke into our shop. We posted ads on social media and a day later we started getting tips on her location. I notified the Oklahoma Highway Patrol that she was on I-44 headed south back to Lawton [OK], and they had a trooper set up to intercept She easily outran the trooper's Charger, and soon after she had several law enforcement agencies and hundreds of scanner traffic listeners hoping the thief wouldn't crash her. Snowball was involved in a high speed chase with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Comanche Nation Police, Elgin Police, and the Comanche County Sheriff's Office. She was clocked at 152 mph by a Comanche County Sheriff's Deputy as she left the interstate, and shortly after she slowed to a soft stop in a ditch when she ran out of fuel and the thief bailed out, only to be tackled in a field by a OHP Trooper who played football for OU. She suffered curb rash on the wheels, which I chose not to replace because it added character, and minor damage to her under tray. She now enjoys runs to the post office, tag agency, the occasional lunch run, support for car shows and local charities, and sometimes a romp on Highway 49 out west, a curvy road we like to call "The Kessel Run." She spends her nights in the shop next to her herd members "The Plague" and "Bruiser."
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