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S550 2017 Mustang GT Base, "Snowball" Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs

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Lawton, OK
I forgot I had this build thread. Been a while since I posted any updates, but Snowball here has gone through quite a few changes! We started autocross last year and at the final event of the season, we got our first class win! We started out in CAM-C, but after research decided that ESP was a better fit for what our goals with the car were: autocross and track capable car, built nearly identical to our other car as far as suspension and wheel/tire combos and powertrain mods go, but with a full interior as opposed to a roll cage. So...she's had a full MCS single adjustable suspension added thanks to Vorshlag, getting Hoosier A7's next week, and this coming weekend, June 23-25, we're going to our first SCCA ProSolo event in Frederick, OK.20220627_192621.jpg20221106_110355.jpg20221106_155355.jpg20221106_160248.jpg20221106_175738.jpg20230422_075153.jpg20230422_081623.jpg20230423_072013.jpg20230423_072013.jpg20230423_190330.jpg20230505_141246.jpg20230513_062346.jpg20230513_130801.jpg20230513_153912.jpg20230612_134117.jpg20230614_162430.jpg20230617_082104.jpg

Bill Pemberton

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I am a big fan of MCS shocks and cool to see what you have done with " Snowball." My son and I are coming down for the SCCA National Tour Event in Frederick, OK., though just to run the Tour and not the Pro Solo portion. Look for a Silver 2006 EVO 9 ( I am the official tire warmer, ha ), and I am sure I can find " Snowball, " ha.

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